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29-12-2018, 17:25

Mod "[Project WW3] M762 FB Beryl" version 28.12.18 for Ravenfield (Build 12)

The brand new Project WW3 IS a ravenfield project about a war starting between the allies, the socialist alliance and the islamic alliance. Who will prevail? Basic Lore of the project: so Russia invades Luhansk’s, Donetsk’s, Crimea and smaller territories on their border. Ukraine makes a deal with NATO, which didn't join the war at the time, that assured supplies of all kind. Russia uses a new and revisited blitzkrieg strategy, making Ukraine think they can push back, but then, on May 2027, the Ukraine counterattack leads them to total destruction of all of their troops and armored vehicles division, by the hand of the strongest Russian divisions. The NATO, now ready to fight, decides to join the conflict Russia knowing NATO, with the participation of the USA, would defeat its nation in one or two years decides to first establish a socialist government and then an alliance with China, North Korea and Vietnam the third world war has begun, nation such as Usa, Germany, France and othe EU nation leads a majestic battle with the eastern powers. meanwhile Israel launches a ballistic missile in Palestine, which then form an islamic alliance with all the islamic states and declare war on israel and his allies USA is allied with Israel and, since there was a defensive pact stipulated some years before after a terrorist chemical attack on Jerusalem, joins the war against the Islamic alliance The russian alliance, under the name of Socialist Alliance of Russia, China, North Korea and Vietnam ( or just S.A.), has also been attacked by islamic nations nearby, so it declares war on the islamic alliance. As the middle east and african islamic nation are in war with russia, the S.A. decides to have a deal with Angola, south Africa and Iran, wich didn't join the islamic nation because it was already in war with other mayor islamic nations.
-This is the first Project WW3 coming out, but there will be much more! like, a lot more! -coming soon: EOtech variant, Advanced reload, Fixing minor errors like the reload bugs with the mag beingn transparent (sorry for my poor skill) by tomorrow or after-tomorrow.

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WOW, gun sniper Remington MSR come back rate 9-10
roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
Alright. everyone here is a f*cking ar*e.
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