[P-VCN] Felken Heights Landing
Hello all! I'd like to officially announce the start of Project Vulcan. This project will focus on near-future warfare in large scale battlefields. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS Bot Count: 40 - 60 Gamemode: Battalions Skins: Eagle - Vickittic MARC Raven -
Close Combat Chaos
Defend the beach front or take part in a raid of a city. Constantly dodge hellfire while charging the castle and siege it's tower. Storm the mountainside with helis as you engage in close combat warefare. This map does not take inspiration from
Blucadia was once a beautiful home to many inhabitants of the Eagle nation. However, after the invasion of the Ravens, many of its citizens fled, leaving it all but abandoned. Now, as the rage of war escalates, the ceaseless battles return to
The Lost Stop
Recommended bots: 35 - 55 & Respawn time ~15 This is the remains of a tourist stop, for an unknown reason, it was removed from all maps, and only rediscovered quite recently. Your team is sent in to investigate the area and clear all hostiles.
Disputed Seas
A Raven naval base on a rocky island cluster in the Southern Azure Ocean has come under air and sea attack from an Eagle carrier and it's escorts intruding into the hotly contested territory claimed by both groups. The Raven defenders were caught
Welcome to Ampleforth, a quiet neighborhood carved into the hillsides of scenic nowhere. Features 9 capture points and a heavily overexposed sky. Refer to this collection for the entire roadmap Recommended bots: 40-60 for optimal gameplay Please
Water Damage
When the Emerald River Dam collapsed a wall of water crashed down upon the town downriver and left the whole area flooded and uninhabitable. The severe weather in the reigon has left rescue efforts stalled for weeks, and the situation is desperate.
Greenwood (An attempt to make Ravenfield a "realistic" shooter.)
This is mainly a test map to see if this type of map is plausible. Things to note before play: -Capture zones are now huge and are displayed on the mini-map with a grid. -Vehicle spawn times for Tanks and Helicopters are long. -The map is optimized
Hey, i finally did it !!! Now I have done something truly incredible... good optimization! Oh, and the destruction on the map, a lot of destruction.... Well, i hope you enjoy it ! SYKA BLYАT
Skirmish in the North Sea
"The year is 2022, with the Russian offensive in Eastern Europe slowing up due to determined resistance by NATO forces, Russia decides to force Britain out of the war by attacking its oil supplies in the North Sea. To do this the Russian Navy
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