Gun Game
Get a better (or worse) weapon every kill. This is a normal gun game mode all of us know, not much to say. You can configure the max amount of weapons from the mutator configuration page.
Unreal Tournament
Experience Unreal Tournament Gamemodes in Ravenfield ! This mod also comes with the Enforcer from UT1999. Huge thanks to Krev for providing me with the model and sounds ! Currently contains: Working kill spree system (quick sprees, normal sprees) 2
Scavenger Mode
This mutator changes your weapons when you get a kill.By default, the weapons you get from a kill are the weapons the enemy was holding, but you can change that to receive random weapons. This also works with mods. Customizeable features : Number of
No Knockdown Mutator
A mutator that removes knockdown from the game. Hopefully, this should make combat more enjoyable.
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Juggernaut Redux
This is a remake of the original Juggernaut Mutator. How it works: This is a wave based mod, kinda like the Haunted gamemode The game selects a set number of juggernauts for the other team, kill all of them to proceed to the next wave Player has 2
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Flooding Water Mutator
Floods the level with water over time! Comes with 3 configurable settings: Water height increment per tick (default 0.0225) Time until flooding starts (seconds) (default 30 seconds) Default water height level increase (use this for maps with a very
Custom Blood Color
With the custom Blood Color mod, you can change the color of the blood of the Ravendield fighters.
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Alternate: Mutator Buffs
This is a configurable mutator that allows you to choose your health, balance and size for you your enemies and your team mates! What are Mutators? in the beta branch of the game there is now a new sort of moddable thingie, which allows us for
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A set of fireworks trigger each time a flag gets captured, the fireworks will be colored depending on which team has captured the flag. When the game ends, fireworks will fire once again colored by the team that has won the match.
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Gaheris96's Custom Flag Config
This mod allows you to further customize your experience playing Ravenfield You can choose the position and the team of each flag THIS MOD WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 2 BOTS IN EACH TEAM How it work : - you need to enable the mutator mod on
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