APS Underwater Rifle
An assault rifle designed to perform underwater, but not overwater. Still works though.
Ithaca Model 37
A pump action shotgun made for civilian, law enforcement and military use. Planned Features ; Slam Fire Version
The Horizon Defense Forces Pack
Nec Pluribus Impar! UPDATE 2! Changed the Lock-on messages of the Bandit (alrigth prepare, next update is gonna be a big one!) (pro tip if you are using the hydra, first of the main gun has 20 seconds charge time so HOLD the fire button. Then, in
An unknown prototype tank from Brasil : the EE-T1. It was never used by any countries ! Weapons - 120 mm GIAT G1 smoothbore gun(P2) - M2HB 12.7 mm machine gun Performances - Top speed : 70 km/h (43 mph) - Weigth : 38,9 tonne Caracteristics - Year of
Sig Sauer P320
The Sig Sauer P320 is a semi-automatic (and in this case) 9mm pistol that is in the process of being phased into the U.S. Army to replace the old Berreta M9. Some aspects: Fire Rate: 0.07 Semi-automatic No tracers. This is intentional. 17 rounds -
Viper-NC Pack Vol. 1
Viper-NC Pack Vol.1 The Viper-NC is an assault aircraft first used during the Raven offensive of 1942. The MK-1 was the first in line deployed during the siege of Dustbowl. Their improved fire rate and centralised machine guns combined with a newly
The Fringe
LATEST CHANGES - OCT 20th - Scattered more open areas with big rocks for more cover. - Adjusted the team colors to have more contrast between each other so there is less confusion. - Made areas closer to the edge like Lookout and Quarry more
Second Battle of Seoul 1950
The Marines entered Seoul shortly after 7:00am on September 25 to find it heavily fortified. Buildings were heavily defended by machine guns and snipers, and on Ma Po Boulevard, the main road through the city, the KPA had established a series of
Raven Forge
A long forgotten research facility, now being fought over for the vast stores of knowledge held there. This map has a very "brutalist" architecture style, and a lot of inspiration was taken from games like Halo and Halflife. PLANNED FEATURES: -
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