[Fallout Project] Stimpaks and Medikits
The Stimpak (the stimulation delivery package), is a type of hand-held medication used for healing the body. Its a syringe containing medication that provides immediate healing of the body's minor wounds and has a gauge for measuring the status of
Battle of the Pacific II
Engage in capital ship battles, dogfight over the island or hop in a tank and take the fight to the enemy. Features 9 custom vehicles all with my models and unique stats: P-51* F4U Corsair* B-17* Jeep* USS Iowa Sherman* Zero* Type-97* Also includes
Warehouse 204
Small Infantry Battle between the Containers and some Facilities in the Rainy Weather Featured: 1. Containers, Trucks 2. Railroads 3. Warehouse 4. Enterable Buildings 5. Rains 6. No Vehicles Only Infantry Notice: 1. Models and Textures are NOT Mine
M4A3 Sherman Variants
The American Medium/Heavy Tank, the M4A3! The "Jumbo" variants have added armour to them that makes the tank more survivable. Contains: M4A3 (105): One 105mm (HE and HEAT) cannon, one 12.7mm (Roof Mounted) MG, and two 7.62mm (Coax and Hull Mounted)
Welcome to the bloody battle of pashendale =You will have to fight with the German troops In scorched earth with trenches, ruins and trenches. =Your task is to capture the points Such as -The ruins of the Church -The ruins of the warehouse -The
Poop, nothing to say :P Special thanks for: MellamoMellamo - making animation for targeter Vovcheg - Teaching Martino - Thumbnail and sprites making Shells is HE Weapon place: Gears>AirStrike [SWOKE]>[ArtilleryStrike]
Roman manipular legions pack
After reading a lot about the early Roman republic period (mainly the Punic wars),i decided to make a pack containing all regular manipular* troop's equipment. --Velite: ~~~Gladius->Based on swords the Romans faced in Iberia against it's
EPGL-1 Multi-Purpose Rifle
This mod contains : - EPGL-1 Standart Rifle - EPGL-1 w/ 40mm Grenade Launcher - EPGL-1 Rifle Features : - Custom animations - Cool sounds effects (again, thanks to SuiDeagle) - Advanced Reloads
District-137 is a close quarter map that puts the player up against a sinister organisation who have taken control over an Artifact. This item contains: -Custom Character Models (1 NEW, 1 Older) -Custom Textures -Custom Meshes -Custom Terrain
Production De Masse Pack - Reds pt 1
RED PACK PART 1 CONTENTS: ------------------------------------------------------------ Novinski Lebel CBR (Carbine Rifle): The Novinski Lebel CBR was designed by head-gunsmith Markov Novinski of the Ravens, and utilizes a simple bolt-action magazine
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