I recently took a vacation where i was totally out of modding,but i used the pauses i took to rest to make this model that i animated after coming back.It was made with no reference pictures,and it's basically a ficticious AEK 971 looking gun. -AEK
The Reconnaissance Light Armoured Vehicle, the LAV-25! Carries up to 6 passengers, one driver, and one gunner Contains: LAV-25: One automatic 25mm cannon (totally not op) and one 7.62mm MG (coax)
Sabaton pack
A pack of my WW2 weapons (some of them) with Sabaton songs as background music.I love Sabaton,and i wanted a way to play the songs without going out of the game in a separate tab.or using the steam layout,so i made this. --DISCLAIMER-- I do not own
German Helicopter NH-90 for Ravenfield.
Siege Of Shanghai
Welcome to Shanghai! THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY A MAP BASED ON BF4.But you can consider it as another warzone of the siege of shanghai in BF4 However this map shows the part of shanghai which is never shown in Battlefield,Pudong and the Bund.And this map
Huey Bell
America's go to air vehicle during the Vietnam War is introduced to Raven Field! This modded replacement for the powerful, effective, and efficient Attack Helicopter will change the way you play with the vehicle, with the Huey being stripped of the
Armor Field
A bomber has crashed in a remote field carrying vital Raven intel. Eagle and Raven forces converge in a race to be the first to secure the crash site.
Rice Valley
Vietnam themed map. The map consists of some rice fields and an urban area. 100-120 bots seems balanced/okay, mess around and see what u like best. If u like the map please rate and/or leave a comment! Criticism is also welcome. Thanks and enjoy!
Ravengrounds SMG Package
Up close and personal SMG goodness. With a high rate of fire and snappy reloads, the only thing hampering these weapons' ability to dominate is very limited range. This package contains the 4 SMGs found in PUBG, all modeled to their likeness in the
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