Revamped Austrian Napoleonic Skins
The Austrian Empire, the second huge German power that stood against Napoleon's campaigns, has finally been revamped and here for your pleasures and gratitudes. Ten skins are featured in this pack. Austrian G. Fusilier - Early An Austrian soldier in
Korean Skins Mini Pack
A mini skin pack I'm putting out that should've gone out quite a while ago, but me being lazy has surmounted it into appearing late. Anyways, here it is, a requested skin pack for various Korean units, from levies to riflemen. My knowledge on Korea
Three Long Open Coats - Misc pack
How to be cooler in two easy steps: 1. Wear a hat, 2. Wear a long coat, even on hot days. This skin pack is more or less me testing out a few character models with open long coats. Contents: CyberCriminal Sorta a genericy criminally dude for a
Killer Bean Skin Pack
Spice up your Ravenfield battles with characters from the animated masterpiece Killer Bean Forever! Play as Killer Bean in a one-bean war against crime, or shake things up and create your own scenarios! In addition to the main bean himself, this
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Skins of the Marina and FES
I LeDiegue3 have proud of present to you some skins based on the mexican army FES and MARINA whit a strange textured but functional camo to simulate some type of scenarios. Like ww3 or war on drugs, i dunno just enjoy and have fun!
Spanish Civil War Skins
After being in development for a little more than a month, I feel the pack is finally ready for release. Skins for various factions that partook in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. While a fairly short conflict, a vast amount of inhumane and
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Cold War Mini Pack - Goose Green '82
Another battle-centric mini pack. This time going away from the tropical jungles of Cuba to the windswept plains of the Falkland Islands. Contents: Argie: Argentinian Soldier or Marine, not exactly sure which I modeled. Equipped against the cold
Vanilla+ - TALON Special Forces Skins
Vanilla+ style TALON skins. Made for SpecOps mode, but usable in any game mode. Includes the following: - Woodland - Desert - Snow - Black - Ghillie Suit (does not affect enemy detection; just for looks)
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Easter Rising Irish Volunteer
A very tiny pack, only including one skin, for Irish Volunteers of the 1916 Easter Rising. I can't say Ravenfield had a similar skin, so I felt the need to make one and now here we are. There is no British equivalent as there are plenty of WWI-era
Guerilla Warfare (CS1.6 Pack)
We present you our new mod - Guerilla Warfare. Guerilla Warfare - the fourth class of the terrorist team in the Counter-Strike series of games. A terrorist group formed in the Middle East. This group is known for its brutality. They demonstrated
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