Sinai Desert in Battlefield 1
THE LIGHT AND SHADOW IS WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SHOW YOU GUYS This is a tiny version of Battlefield 1 Sinai. This map was made when I felt boring.So actually all the assets from assets store.I am just trying to improve the light and shadow.Although
One of the most played maps in the history of Counter-Strike. My goals is to adjust classical Dust2 layout for Ravenfield's gameplay. Main changes are as follows: * Ravenfield-ish look; * Complementation of said layout with spaces for safe
FV4201 Chieftain Mk.5
"Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way!" My favorite tank, the model's from Armored Warfare. Has an M2 Browning because there's no GPMG model. Stats 2 seats Weapons L11 120mm main gun L8A1 Coaxial MG Commander's MG (Just pretend it's a GPMG)
Anti-Tank Rifle
The Anti-Tank Rifle by Chilled Beverage is a beast to wipe out any and all vehicles from the Sea to the Sky. (Large Gear)
F-22 Raptor
The famous combat jet is now drivable in Ravenfield ! Only in Beta branch. Now it replace the attack plane. Jet sound and landing gears animation are included !
Light Artillery Gun
A light artillery gun that replaces the TOW. It is more powerful but cannot rotate 360 degrees. At the moment there are no sights in first person mode so just aim in the middle of the square. The model is losely based off of a Howitzer 4.5"
A-10 Warthog
Fly around with the famous close air support vehicle : the A-10 ! Jet sound and GAU-8 sound included ! Replace the bomber.
A long requested pack suggested by the fans of my mods. Thnx yall for the support.
ATF Vehicle Pack
The Dingo is an all-terrain, MRAP-type Infantry Mobility Vehicle that is primarily designed to serve as a troop carrier, though it can also fulfil reconnaissance, command and control, and cargo transport duties. This pack includes: -ATF Dingo Jungle
I recently took a vacation where i was totally out of modding,but i used the pauses i took to rest to make this model that i animated after coming back.It was made with no reference pictures,and it's basically a ficticious AEK 971 looking gun. -AEK
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WOW, gun sniper Remington MSR come back rate 9-10
roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
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