M134 Minigun
"How-To-Use: Invite 50 of your least favorite people to join you in a small room, then settle your differences" The (portible) M134 Minigun is a 7.62×51mm NATO, six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire (2,000 to 6,000 rounds per
MH-X Silent Hawk
MH-X Silent Hawk - Futuristic UH-60 Black Hawk [model from CoD Ghosts] [Minigun model from Left 4 Dead] -2500 HP -12 Seats [1 Pilot | 2 Gunners | 9 Passengers] -7.62 Minigun x2 [20 damage] [∞ bullets] [1200 Shots per minute] Bots actively use
Winchester 1887
My favourite shotgun made for Ravenfield. This is my first mod so making this was difficult.  Models and animations made by me.  Sounds are from Navaro, a sound editor and sound file extractor on Gamebanana.
D-Day: Airborne Paratroops Night and Morning Versions
Parachutes are here and it is time for a map like this to finally happen. This map takes you on a little immersive ride at midnight, the sounds of planes flying overhead and German flak fire, both heard and seen in the distance, dropping in with
Maximum Tonnage Increased
This Mod Increase The Maximum Tonnage of Mechs that mean you can bring TONS of FIRE POWER with yourself and some other stuff :D. This not affect AI mechs they pre build and not affected from this extra weight your basic weight shown as negative
CBT Balance Overhaul
Most of the stock game had made numerous changes which deviated from the Classic BattleTech TableTop values. This Balance Overhaul mod is an attempt to correct those deviations as well as address a number of other balance issues. Gameplay Revisions
Easy Game and QStart
This mod is made for those who wish to have a much easier game experience you Must start a new Game for this mod to work!. What this mod does?: Basic Version for Max Compatibility : Updated For 5/5/2018 Patch Changed Games Base stats as following:
Battletech Enhanced - More Gear More Options
What is best in life? More gear and thus more options, along with the lamentations of your enemies, of course. As such, here is one ever expanding mod containing all my gear related mods! Battletech Enhanced - More Gear More Options Star League
Detail [95-1] 95-E [CODOL] 95-R 95-A
Barrett M82
Barrett M82 for Ravenfield.
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