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Mod "Viper-NC Pack Vol. 1" version 24.10.18 for Ravenfield (Build 11)

Viper-NC Pack Vol.1

The Viper-NC is an assault aircraft first used during the Raven offensive of 1942.

The MK-1 was the first in line deployed during the siege of Dustbowl. Their improved fire rate and centralised machine guns combined with a newly refined alloy and backwards facing proppellers made them superior to their widely used counterparts. The MK-1 was used to drive the Eagle forces back and of the mainland of our modern day empire.

The MK-2 made it's entrance in the year 1943. The Raven offensive had come to an impasse during the pacific conflict. Unable to keep control over the island of ERV. The lead weapon manufacture of the raven empire constructed a stronger and light alloy refined from the mines hidden deep beneath Eagle-Dam. This alloy was able to withstand higher temperatures and more pressure. This gave way to the creation of machine guns capable of delivering payloads strong enough to take out any of the existing armored vehicles at that given point in time.

The MK-3 was designed during the final years of the raven offensive it was designed to try and counter the upcomming Viper jets by the Eagle S.A.L. (Scientific Armory Laboratory). These bad boys were able to shredd tanks in seconds and were extremely effective against any land vehicle not guarded by air support.

This item contains:
-Custom Model (design is based on existing)
-Custom Animations
-Custom Textures
-Custom Particles
-Custom Sound
-Custom HUD(ish)
-Custom UI

Ingame-Item description:
There are 3 attack-planes in the pack they are marked by MK-1 MK-2 and MK-3. MK-3 is the strongest plane in the pack with MK-2 following and tailing as the weakest of the bunch is MK-1.

MK-1 has 1 weapon: Gattling gun: Light damage but high rate of fire.
MK-2 has 2 weapons: Gattling gun: Light damage but high rate of fire. Heavy Calliber: High Damage lower rate of fire.
MK-3 has 2 weapons: Gattling gun: Light damage but high rate of fire. Heavy Calliber: High Damage higher rate of fire.


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