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Map "STALINGRAD 1942" version 24.10.18 for Ravenfield (Build 11)

The Germans formed bridgeheads across the Don on 20 August, with the 295th and 76th Infantry Divisions enabling the XIVth Panzer Corps "to thrust to the Volga north of Stalingrad." The German 6th Army was only a few dozen kilometers from Stalingrad. The 4th Panzer Army, ordered south on 13 July to block the Soviet retreat "weakened by the 17th Army and the 1st Panzer Army", had turned northwards to help take the city from the south.

German side
You, as a German soldier, will be fighting alongside either soldiers from the Sixth Army, or tanks of the Fourth Panzer Army. The Fourth Panzer Army will receive several Panzer IVs to knock out any soviet tanks in the city. There is also an abandoned village to capture which may help with the capturing of the city. Our leader Adolf Hitler is waiting for our victory. To the last man!

Soviet side
You, as a Soviet soldier, will be fighting to defend the city. There is a factory in the middle of the city which manufactures T-34 tanks. There might be a few tanks that might help with the defense. There are also sandbags with machine guns and anti tank guns alongside to help with the defense. Plentiful of supply crates are in the city, which may help you to stay alive. Our leader Josef Stalin is waiting for our victory. For the Motherland!

Author's note

Please note that this map was map under 10hours and lack many details. Updates are on the way, and i appreciate any bugs, suggestions in the comment section. Also, which WW2 map would you like to see in the future? I will make them as long as there are enough free assets for me to use.

Asset credits

Abandoned buildings - ALEKSY KOZHEMYAKIN
Foliage pack free - Jake Sullivan
Town Houses Pack - CHERMANDIRKUN
Realistic sandbags - FLAMINGSANDS
Rusty water tank - FLAMINGSANDS
Industrial props kit - Universal Assets


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