M1A1 Thompson
American Thompson submachine gun, invented in 1918 by John tagliaferro Thompson will appear in your game Ravenfield after installing this mod. He gained his fame during Prohibition in the United States, becoming the most common and favorite weapon
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Raven ops 2
Small but high-quality map for the game Ravenfield-Raven ops 2.
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Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher
The Blanch-Chevallier Grenade Discharger, or better known as the Martini Henry Grenade Launcher, was a prototype grenade launcher made by the British in WW1. By reusing the stock of Martini-Henry rifle, they were able to combine it with a 2.5"
This modification adds to the game light machine gun-Type 99. It was used by the Japanese Imperial army in world war II.
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Mod adds to the game Ravenfield Japanese landing boat-Daihatsu. This boat was built in the period from 1935 to 1945 for the Japanese army and Navy under the symbols and names.
AMGR - Railgun
New weapons AMGR - Railgun for the game Ravenfield. It can kill more than 1 player in one shot, can also penetrate nearby walls.
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Object 703 IS-3
Soviet heavy tank developed during the great Patriotic war, launched into mass production in its last days and did not have time to take part in the battles - is-3 (Object 703). Characteristics: Health: 12 000 Damage: 15 000+? Recharge rate: 12
H8K(Required Beta)
Attention! This vehicle is using new script that required ravenfield beta version The Kawanishi H8K was a large, four-engine aircraft designed for long range and extended endurance on patrols or bombing missions typically flown alone over the ocean.
MK-25: Piercing-Burst
This model is an adapted version of the MK-25 found in-game. I adapted this gun so it would look more tinkered with. The MK-25 has been outfitted with dual Sight, Scope and Iron sight. It also has laser pointer and has wall-piercing bullets, these
M825 и M40 [PV]
Excellent mod pack for the game Ravenfield, which includes: American army all-terrain vehicle M825 and mounted on it in the back of the recoilless 106-mm gun-M40.
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