This Mod is modeled on AH-1S belonging to the JAPAN Ground Self Defense Force(JGSDF). Deployment began in earnest in 1982 and the JSDF currently has 56 AH-1S deployed. AH-1S has been operating for over 30 years, playing the core of antitank fight in
Order Knights
The Order Knights, The Order Knights were an order of knights founded in 13th century. Their sole purpose was to protect the eagle church from raiding raven parties who terrorized the entire coastline all throughout the 13the century. Armed with a
Stubby-12 (Super Shorty/Shorty-12G)
Battlefield 4's favorite secondary shotgun, now in Ravenfield! Featuring a Ravenfield-ized model, custom animations and a lore-friendly name, the Stubby-12 is ready for fighting the Reds. As long as you're within 2 feet of the enemy, of course.
Project Altirus: East Leersog
Map Type: Operation Recommended bots: 150-200, or as many as possible Recommended weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack; vanilla medic/ammo bags, wrench, saber Despite destruction of bridges along the river Diska, elements of the
[Project WW3] FA-MAS
So,Erazer made a FA-MAS literally out of nowhere,i animated it,and now we are here.It fires in 3 round bursts (the fire rate during a burst is 1100 rpm btw),it kills in 3 shots at close to medium range,i hope they don't pirate this one as fast as
Factory maps for Ravenfield.
MK17 SCAR-H, comes equipped with an Elcan Specter 1-4.
Faithfull Bishop
The Faithfull Bishop, The Faithfull Bishop was a marvel of it's time. Capable of shooting highly volatile bolts in quick succession, This was a prefered weapon by all clerics during the Eagle Unification wars in 1103. It had served the Eagle church
M167 Vulcan (SPEC OPS)
The American SPAAG Turret, the M167 Vulcan! Contains: M167 Vulcan: 20mm minigun *NOTE*: On some maps, the model seems to do a weird glitch. And repairing the thing when disabled can mess up the turret. Muzzle effects show pink textures on Mac.
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what's the map your use?
Make an update for this one please! The newest version of this vehicle is
make a napoleonic war skin please.
GPD Noobitty
pls update dis mod to build 13 cuz it has new guns and new features
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