RG-42 (Russian Weapons Project)
The RG-42 infantry hand grenade was a hastily developed anti-infantry weapon brought along by Soviet industry during the thick of the fighting of World War 2 (1939-1945). It was developed specifically to succeed the complex and expensive RGD-33
Revamped Russian Napoleonic Skins
Perhaps the second or third most fan-boyed group of the Napoleonic era was surely the Russians. While they suffered terribly during battles such as Austerlitz and the opening stages of that short, baguette-eating guy's invasion of their Motherland,
Apothicon Servant - COD Zombies
Mod "Apothicon Servant-COD Zombies" will add an interspatial rifle to the game Ravenfield. When fired, it creates a purple black hole that sucks out and destroys all nearby zombies.
CEL-3 Cauterizer - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Mod "CEL-3 Cauterizer - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" for the game ravenfield laser shotgun. Each shot of the CEL-3 Cauterizer will launch eight pellets. At any distance not exceeding five meters, the cel-3 cauterizer will inflict fifty damage per
Vehicles of the Silanian War
Mod pack "Vehicles of the Silanian War" will add equipment and weapons of the silanian war to the game Ravenfield: BM-3A1 heavy cruiser tank: a modification of the earlier BM-2, improving its combat condition against new enemy vehicles. K. 2G
Panzer IV H
2 versions. (One with forest camo and the other with winter camo) - Commander seat(F3) only provides the user with a binocular. - For some reason the side skirt and other destructible parts protect the tank from receiving damage sometimes - Frontal
FV601 Saladin Armored Car
The FV601 Saladin is a British armored car produced by the Alvis Car and Engineering Company. it's mainly for scouting and reconnaissance, and dealing with infantry. It has 6 wheels for great mobility. It includes a 76MM main cannon, a top mounted
[WW2 Collection] SS41
Concepts for a bullpup anti tank rifle firing the 7.92x145mm ammunition began in Czechoslovakia during the interwars period. When Germany occupied the country,the development continued under the favor of the SS, which wanted to supply itself instead
The Winter's Howl - COD Zombies
The Winter's Howl - COD Zombies revolver for the game Ravenfield. It triggers a snowstorm that hits the zombie After a set number of hits, the zombie begins to show signs of freezing, such as water vapor in the air and slowing down. The shot also
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