ST6 Pack (CS:CZ)
Mod " ST6 Pack (CS:CZ) " adds Counter-Strike: Condition Zero skin models to the Ravenfield game.
Arctic Avengers (CS1.6 Pack)
We are happy to present our new mod - Arctic Avenger. Arctic Avengers is the third class of the terrorist team in the Counter-Strike game series. This Swedish terrorist group appeared in 1977. Known for the bombing of the Canadian embassy in 1990.
Verso 50 Prototype LMG
Mod "Verso 50 Prototype LMG" adds to The game ravenfield machine gun Verso 50, which is a prototype of the LMG. Its main task is to support the infantry during the offensive. It has high damage and a good rate of fire - 125 rpm.
The RPG-6 is a hand-held anti-tank grenade of directional cumulative action, designed to destroy armored vehicles, their crew, weapons and equipment, and ignite fuel and ammunition.
(3S-JW) Burikata: Re-Imagined
Burikata: Re-Imagined is a medium sized Japan themed map where it pits the US at the east, while China at the west, with 5 control points in the middle.
AX308 sniper rifle for the game Ravenfield. It belongs to the Accuracy International AX 308 and AXMK family of sniper rifles developed and produced in the UK by Accuracy International. The AI AX MC rifle was originally created to meet the
IFV-50 Badger
Mod "IFV-50 Badger" adds to the game Ravenfield combat vehicle airborne infantry BMD-2. It can carry a maximum of six Marines, including a commander, one driver, and one Rifleman, for a total of 8 people.
The American heavy anti-tank missile system, developed by Hughes Aircraft and adopted by the US Army in 1970, has since been continuously upgraded and modified to meet changing requirements. Guidance of the missile is command, semi-automatic,
Score Streaks
This mutator mod implement a score system in Ravenfield. Several action (useful to your team) allow you to get score points, which you can use to call different reinforcements By holding the "B" key, you can open a wheel with a list of score
[WW2 Коллекция] Lahti L35
A Finnish pistol designed by armourer Aimo Lahti in 1935. The L-35 was adopted by the Finnish armed forces in 1939. The L-35 is the world's only "polar gun" designed specifically for use in low temperatures and possible icing. The design of the gun
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