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21-04-2019, 10:23

Mod "Sui's Urban Warfare Mashup Pack" version 09.04.19 for Ravenfield (Build 14)

44 Different weapons to play around with and a total of 129 items in this pack. Too large to make an in-detail description.
Most weapons have been balanced out accordingly, atleast i tried my best at it.

- SBS-12 (With various ammo types)
- M1014 (With various ammo types)
- 870 MCS (With various ammo types)
- Saiga 12k (with various ammo types)
- M16A3 (with a Holo x1 option)
- AKM (with a Kobra RDS option)
- DT MDR (with a suppressor, SU230 and Aimpoint options)
- PO416 (with a suppressor, SU230 and EOTech options)
- SA58 OSW (with a EOTech option)
- HK-51 (with a SRS2 GDS option)
- SRSS Bulldog (with suppressor and optic options)
- RO933 (with a coyote RDS option)
- FN FAL (with a suppressor and kobra RDS option)
- AN-94 (with a special 2x burst option)
- AKS-74u (with a suppressor option)
- MTAR-21 (with a Holo x1 option)
- M1A1P Carbine
- MG36 (with a Micro T1 RDS option)
- M249 SAW
- L86A2 LSW
- Galil ARM (with a suppressor option)
- P90 (with a different color option for some specific anime fans out there
- MAC-11 (with a suppressor option)
- M1928 Thompson
- MPX (with a suppressor option)
- UMP-45 (with suppressor option)
- IMI Uzi (with a RMR reflex option)
- MP5K
- FMG9 (with a suppressor option
- QBU-88 (with a 8x Ballistic option)
- M200 Intervention (with a suppressor and a 8x Ballistic option)
- R700 LTR 14x Hunter (with a suppressor option)
- M82A3 (with a 8x Bender option)
- Tec-9 (with a suppressor and a really really weird variant)
- Desert Eagle .50
- .410 Jury (with various ammo types)
- [COMING SOON] Taurus .44 (Delayed to some issues with the anims)
- Phantom Bow (with various arrow types)
- Nailgun
- FIM-92 AA Launcher (Best tracking handheld launcher in the entirety of ravenfield)
- FGM-172 SRAW AT Launcher
- Carl Gustaf M3 MAAWS
- M32 MGL (with various ammo types
- C4 Explosive (Its an experimental work around, kills don't show up and it doesn't "stick" to moving objects)
- Weaver Knife
- Repair Torch
- M224 Mortar (Vehicle)

Most assets are taken from BF4/H, some created by me, animations done by boi and EaglePancake
Huge huge thanks to EaglePancake willing to put so much time into animating all these weapons, he may not do as smooth anims as boi but he does do a very very great job at it.


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11 May 2019 20:20
So listen here, It seems like my attorney didn't warn you good enough.
Take down all my mods, or i will take this even further, I have no fear of going to court, I have the money I have my evidence to do so. 
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WOW, gun sniper Remington MSR come back rate 9-10
roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
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