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25-04-2019, 11:22

Mod "Bruiser Preview Pack (Untitled Project WIP)" version 25.04.19 for Ravenfield (Build 14)

A preview pack containing a couple WIPs for another project I've been meaning to get started on. Coming maybe soon depending on how PA naval stuff goes.

Bruisers are the final word in area control and denial. A heavy automatic cannon and a personal energy shield projector allow them to bulldoze through enemy defenses and shrug off attacks like nobody's business. If a stalemate absolutely, positively, cannot be allowed to remain any longer, a bulletproof, 30mm frag-shot spewing death machine is your best solution.

Skin: MetroPol Crisis Trooper
The Consortium rules PacHaven with an iron grip. Ask them, they'll admit it, and then argue that they have to. If they loosened their grip even a little, the city would slip into chaos, and humanity's deadman grip on civilization would well and truly be lost. Their instrument of control, and arguably the last thing holding the city together, is the Metropolican Police Force, and if MetroPol - and by extension, the Consortium - had a face, it would be the opaque, armored visor of the Crisis Trooper. By now, most beat cops have been plucked from the streets and placed into their ranks, meaning that anything from an unlicensed prosthetic, to an armed insurrection, fall into the armed and armored hands of the Crisis Corps, whose answer is always the same: Maximum lethal force.

Weapon: M-484 "Bruiser" Automatic cannon
This 30mm rapid-fire cannon shares a name with its user. A brief period is needed to spool up the motor, after which you can unleash a steady stream of proximity fused, anti-personnel fragmentation rounds, peerless in punishing anyone with the stones to publicly congregate in front of you. It gradually overheats while firing, however, and can't be reloaded. Moreover, while the hot fragments from the airbursts can rip through personnel, they'll maybe scratch the paint on an armored vehicle if you're lucky.

Item: Energy Shield Projector
This miraculous little device projects a bubble of charged particles that renders you almost completely immune to enemy fire, and lets you push around vehicles like they're made of paper! Though the energy field blocks incoming projectiles, the same can't be said for force from nearby explosions. Also, while you can leave it on for as long as you want, that might not be a good idea, since you're cooking inside what's basically a hotbox of exotic radiation. Prolonged exposure may result in a steady decrease of health, bleeding, loss of skin, hair, and teeth, infertility, malignant tumors, and dry mouth. Do not use while pregnant.


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filth smell
28 April 2019 04:32
Hello! This is Sofa, AKA Filth Smell, the original creator of this mod. Please excuse my forwardness, but I'd like to request that you not reupload my mod files. I spend a lot of time and effort making content, and while I'm glad people enjoy them, and I understand that not everyone can get the game through Steam., I feel uncomfortable knowing they can be stolen.

Thanks for understanding,
 - Sofa (AKA Filth Smell)
9 July 2019 11:05
why the heck when i open the energy shield i keep damage by the energy shield please fix your biggest mistake
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