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Mod "Vietnam Pack - NATO [Project Vietnam]" version 12.02.19 for Ravenfield (Build 15)

If you're one of the unfortunate sons drafted to Vietnam, take comfort knowing you have this arsenal to back you up.

'Nam Patriot:
This space age assault rifle is highly accurate and controllable, making it effective into mid-range combat. Equipped with a 20-round magazine and set to fully automatic

'Nam Patriot Carbine:
A shortened version of the standard 'Nam Patriot that has been equipped with a suppressor for stealth operations. Also set to full auto and feeding from a 20-round mag.

An advanced special operations version of the Patriot carbine. It is equiped with an adjustable stock, suppressor, experimental red dot optic, and 30 round magazine.

XM771 PDW:
An even shorter Patriot carbine, it is equiped with an adjustable stock and 30 round magazine. Available as a secondary weapon.

'Nam Patriot GL:
A standard 'Nam Patriot fitted with an underslung grenade launcher.

This 40mm underslung grenade launcher fires a devastating anti-infantry grenade with a respectable range. It is moderately effective against light vehicles, however is best used against enemy troops.

M15 Battle Rifle:
A more powerful, semi-automatic alternative to the Patriot. It is best suited for precise mid-range shooting and suffers in close quarters. It fires high power, armor piercing rounds, capable of damaging light vehicles and aircraft. An automatic version is available, but the recoil is substantial. (Model is modified from the default Garrett)

M20 SWS:
Effectively an M15 equiped with a high power scope and suppressor, this weapon is a more than capable sniper rifle. It retains its AP ammo, however suffers when fired from the hip.

Remington 400:
A true sniper’s rifle, this bolt action weapon is incredibly accurate out to extreme ranges. It comes equipped with a high-power scope and hand loaded, anti-personnel rounds for maximum sniping potential.

M50 Hog:
This belt fed, full power machine gun will cut your foes down like grass. It fires armor peircing rounds at over 600 rounds a minute from 100 round belts

Veteran .45:
An iconic and battle proven handgun that gives you 7+1 rounds of .45ACP to put charlie down. Dont leave base without this side arm.

Tunnel Rat .45:
If you need to clear the Veitcong from their tunnels, grab this pistol and flashlight. You'll have excellent close range firepower and the ability to illuminate the dark, at no cost to preformance and speed.

M76 Frag:
A more modern grenade than the standard one with greater damage, blast radius, and throw range. You are also issued an additional grenade.

M80 Blooper:
Available in both high explosive and armor piercing, this stand-alone grenade launcher has a greater effective range than the M202. Additionally, it provides the soldier with more 40mm grenades, but at the cost of a large size and longer reload. Available as small gear, but at the cost of less ammo

In order to take down tanks effectively, employ your M71 EDICT. It fires a single use HEAT missile that deals heavy damage to vehicles, however it lacks substantial splash damage.

M5 bayonet:
Available both attached to your Patriot of M15 rifle and as a standalone weapon, this versitile knife is excellent for silently taking out foes.

Acheron 83:
A good weapon to keep for close encounters. This slam-fire shotgun is devestaing at close range and has a respectable capacity, but its most interesting feature is the ability to continously fire while the action is cycled (hold down fire). Also available with slug rounds, or as a sawed-off secondary or gear weapon.

This simple submachine gun fires .45 ACP at an impressive 1090 RPM. It is highly effective in close quarters, but almost useless beyond 100 m. Available suppressed as a primary weapon, and unsuppressed secondary.

S&W 1936 Jones:
A classic revolver that remains effective to the modern day. Though it only holds 6 rounds, it can kill in two shots and reloads quickly with the aid of a speed loader.

M8 Flamethrower:
In three seconds this weapon can turn a man into a memory that will take a lifetime to forget. Highly effective for clearing enemy positions, and with 9 seconds of fuel, this flamethrower is essential for flushing out Charlie.

Quan Son Lake:
A pump action alternative to the M80 intended for special forces, this weapon can fire four 40mm grenades as fast as you can run the action. Its performance is comparable to the M80 and M202, however it has much higher capacity, at the cost of lengthy reloads.

Take the RHIB into action, now armed with a mounted M66 Hog at the bow. Weapon's preformance is identical to the regular M66. [Configuration by Alzatar]

Mortar emplacement:
A static position firing 120mm mortar shells in a high arc. Very effective against infantry, however has a long reload and time of flight. Many soldiers operate the mortar, including a M60 at the front of it for extra protection.[Configuration by Alzatar]

So grab your weapon and give Charlie hell.

All weapons feature custom models, animations, UI icons, sound effects, and dynamic reloads.

Map used is the excellent PV Hell top.

Massive thanks to Alzatar for helping with making turrets and emplacements, as well as some tips on improving weapons.

As always, constructive cristicsm and feedback are welcomed.

NOTE: To switch to the grenade launcher or bayonet, you must have it equipped in gear. While playing, press the '3', '4', or '5' key depending on what gear slot is assigned to. Using the picture above as an example, I would press '3' to switch to it. As of now the game does not have secondary fire, so this is the only way to set that up.

Also, if anyone who makes vehicle mods wnats to use the M60 model for a door gun, or something like that, let me know and I'll be happy to provide it


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