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Mod "[Project Delum] Weapons from the Silanian War" version 20.07.19 for Ravenfield (Build 16)

Weapon list:


Vintogov Mod. 32

The mainline infantry rifle of the Virskaian military, most Vintogov rifles had been in storage before the beginning of the Silanian War. Used mainly as hunting rifles and police marksman weapons, the Virskaian Army pulled almost eight million Model '32 rifles from storage for use against the Thesians. Tough, reliable, and good in a fight, the Vintogov Mod.32 has become a mainstay with any infantryman in Virskaian trenches due to its six round capacity and rather impressive fire rate.

Cherstav-Yutevna SM.32

Built as less of an infantry weapon and more as a last resort for tank crewmen, the Cherstav-Yutevna Submachine Model 932 wasn't developed with quality in mind. Rather, it was designed to be cheap, disposable, and overall good only for vehicle crew. It did earn a rather unique reputation with frontline infantry, however, during the famed Battle at Helsin Fields, where a squad of Virskaian tankers left their immobilized SP-40 with nothing but pistols and SM.32s. The squad chewed through enemy territory over a three hour rush, finally managing to break through into the welcoming arms of a friendly recon squad. With that kind of reputation, and a thirty round magazine to boot, it's no wonder why Virskaian soldiers started petitioning their superiors for submachine gun shipments to the frontline.

Krevnolesh-Anatila Mod. 31

An oddball design from the Western corner of Virskaia, the Krevnolesh-Analita Model '31 passed all its preliminary tests with flying colors, and was put into service around mid-Undeclan of 931. Put into wide use with anti-armor and sapper teams, the KA mod.31 anti-tank rifle boasted an incredible amount of armor penetration with minimal weight and round size. However, the round simply wasn't small enough; Krevnolesh designers had to sacrifice a multiple round feed system for a more robust upper receiver. Thankfully, due to the progression of modern technology, most skilled crews are able to immobilize common tanks with only two shots.

Grantahandszet Mod. 29

From a distance, the Grantahandszet Model 929 may not look like much; it's small, unobtrusive, and looks more like a can of beans than an effective piece of military hardware. However, the engineers that worked and reworked it from the ground up might get rather offended if you noted the weapon's nonperishable shape. Beginning development in 928, the Grantahandszet was designed as a heavy anti-personnel grenade; and it most definitely gets the job done. If it didn't, then the Virskaian Army wouldn't have commissioned so many before and during the Silanian War.


Waitte Mk.II

Produced and designed with the intent of serving as the standard issue rifle of the Thesian Army, the Waitte Mk.II underwent relatively extensive testing and development time before being heavily produced, in order to assure that the design was sound. Among the most noteworthy aspects of the Waitte Mk.II is its ability to hold a total of nine rounds, a feature that originally sparked controversy in its development stages. While the rifle has taken front and centre as the standard issue for infantry, several issues plaguing the Thesian arms business have made the dishing out of the rifle a slow process, and as such the provisioning of the weapon is prioritized to mostly frontline units.

Automedian Calantir Mk.I

The Calantir Mk.I provides the current workhorse position in the Thesian submachine gun realm, a sturdy and reliable new design that has quickly captured the attention of the High Command and infantrymen alike. With a reputation for holding up in some of the least forgiving environments and being easy to transport, the Calantir has been thrown on the production lines at rapid paces even with its relatively recent development, the current number of Calantirs ranging somewhere near a quarter of a million.

Stiffs APG

The Stiffs APG is among the most common of weaponries fielded within the Thesian Army, adopted by most all land units in some form or another, whether actually wanted or not. The biggest advantage of the Stiffs can be found in its easy production and light carry weight, allowing troops to hold many with more straightforward access and factories to produce more while keeping in line with budgets and orders. While it lacks the "explosive capabilities" of other grenades, the light weight and simplistic design of the weapon make it possible to let loose several in minimal time, assuming you have the throwing arm to do so.

Firms 14mm Mk. I

The Firms 14mm Mk.I anti-tank rifle is the tried and tested of the Thesian military, or at least it counts as 'tried and tested' in comparison to most Thesian arms' years of service. Since '25, the Firms has provided at the very least ample defence against its foes, and is widely used in anti-armour, engineer, and sometimes typical infantry squads. While the Firms lacks the stopping power that some AT rifles possess, it makes up for such with its 5-round total capacity.


V916 Lautus

A weapon that has existed for a much more extended period than most, the V916 Lautus is a prime example of designing weaponry done right. Originally sold to Thesia in large quantities by arms manufacturers in Kostaenea, the Lautus has slowly made its journey all the way through the numerous branches of both nations' militaries, and has even slowly trickled into the hands of Virskaian units over the years. While it can be considered somewhat outdated, the Lautus' durability has kept it alive and in use in the military, as well as taking up a large portion of stockpile storages, with over four and a half million models having been produced during its lifespan

80mm Antiarmgrantane

Among the most well-known of weapons across many militaries is the 80mm Antiamgranatne, renowned for its effectiveness. Designed by private arms developers based out of Kostaenea, the sheer size of the Antiamgranatne in and of itself is very identifiable, and the power of it even more so. While it lacks the throwing range of other grenades, the 'Auntie Grand', as it is known amongst collective militaries, delivers force and damage unprecedented in other weapons of its type. It is this that has made it so popular among many regional militaries, friend or foe.


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