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Mod "Project Altirus: Weapons of The Second Leersog War" version 17.03.19 for Ravenfield (Build 13)

Project Altirus weapons for Syrvania and Hetland. Work on more weapons, as well as tweaks and rebalances for older weapons, is ongoing.

- Mountain gun can now fire smoke rounds in addition to HE. Cycle between ammo types with 1 and 2.
- Added deployable mortar. Can also fire HE and smoke. Unbind next/previous weapon from scroll wheel in options, or hold t, to adjust range.


Syrvanian bolt-action rifle. Accurate, and reasonably powerful. Has a 6-round magazine.

Kb.509 (Scoped)
See above, except it's got a scope on it.

Brandt Model 483
Bolt-action service rifle used by Hetland and pretty much everyone else in the east. Slightly more accurate and powerful than the Kb.509 but takes only 5 rounds instead of 6.

Brandt Model 483 (Scoped)
No points for guessing what this is.

Syrvanian semi-automatic carbine. Less accurate than the bolt action but just as powerful. Uses a 10-round magazine.

Brandt-Elwick Autoloader
Brandt rifle converted with a toggle-lock self-loading mechanism that accepts en-bloc clips.Slightly slower and more accurate than the Syrvanian KbA.

Aseraul F-3
Bressian submachine gun. Relatively low rate of fire, but accurate in short bursts.

Syrvanian submachine gun. Not awfully accurate, but sprays like no tomorrow.

Rocqueledge Machine-Rifle
Bressian light machine gun. Lacks the stopping power of conventional bolt-action rifles, but is fully automatic.

Stanlaw GMG
General-purpose machine gun found on pretty much any vehicle, aircraft, or MG team in western Altirus. Can only be fired while aiming.

Afenbech 12
Chergarian 12-gauge trench gun used by just about everybody. Not that useful at range, but devastating up close and against small, tight groups.


Chamber P-6
Bressian Service pistol. Significant stopping power and accuracy.

Syrvanian machine pistol. Inaccurate and lacking in stopping power, but compact enough to be used as a sidearm.

Syrvanian service pistol produced in a bit of a panic. Decent enough in a pinch, but lacks the accuracy and stopping power of the Chamber P-6. Also jams constantly. Luckily, not on you.


E-14 Frag Grenade
Bressian frag grenade. It's a frag grenade. That's all you get. Sue me, I don't care.

GaP.19 Frag Grenade
Syrvanian frag grenade. See above.

Grenades are valuable, especially as the Second Leersog War drags on. Empty glass bottles and a bit of flammable liquid, however, are a bit easier to come by. Also known as a Molotov cocktail. Just not in Altirus, because they don't know who Vyacheslav Molotov is.

AV AT-Grenade
Chergarian anti-tank grenade. Decently effective against infantry, but deadly against light armor if detonated close enough. They're awfully bulky, so they are assigned to the large equipment slot.

Heavy Weapons, equipment

Syrvanian 20mm anti-tank rifle. Single shot, can destroy light tanks in 1-2 shots and close to moderate ranges.

Pr.24 Anti-Trench Device
Peerless piece of close-range anti-personnel technology, involving fire. And throwing it. Not much use over long distance, but can leave swaths of burning fuel on the ground that you prolly ought to stay away from.

Veerwell Model 498 (Deployable)
Water-cooled heavy machine gun. Too heavy to fire from the hip, so plonk one down on a carriage and let fly.

PiK.65-19 Mountain Gun (Deployable)
Portable 65mm howitzer. Lacks armor-piercing capability, but lets you project high explosives downrange at a moment's notice. Also includes smoke rounds.

2P Mortar (Deployable)
60mm mortar able to lob HE, smoke, or incendiary rounds over considerable distance and over obstacles. Hold T and scroll to set range, or unbind next / previous weapon from the scroll wheel in the options menu.


Available for the Kb.509 and Brandt rifle. Poke idiots to death with a sharp bit at the end of your gun.


A pair of binoculars. Look at stuff with them. Ideally they'd be a squad leader kit but I don't know how to make one and no examples to reverse-engineer seem to exist in RF tools.


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 - Sofa (AKA Filth Smell)
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