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11-08-2018, 11:30

Mod "Forgotten Weapons Pack" version 10.08.18 for Ravenfield (Build 10)

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in for another mod on the Steam Workshop, I'm Joe the Pirate, and I'm here today with Ravenfield, taking a look at some of the guns in the brand new "Forgotten Weapons Pack".

American 275:
The American 275 is a 22 long rifle sub machinegun that fires at about 1200 rpm. It's basically like hosing something with a swarm of angry bees.

Bruiser Shotgun:
The Bruiser shotgun is a best lesft forgotten weapon. It's recoil is harsh, its slow to reload, it just sucks. It is a 12 guage, so it is at least an effective round.

Dumpster Fire:
There is bascially nothing redeeming about this gun. An only slightly less terrible shotgun, this one fires from a 12 round drum that is glacial to reload. It also has heavy recoil and poor sights.

FA-45 Oppressor:
It was designed for resistence fighters, this gun was manufactured by the thousands to be dropped intp Europe. By itself, its another case of "embrace the suck", but it will still do the job on a sentry at close range.

20mm POW:
This unique "personal assault weapon" fires a 20mm high explosive grenade on a pretty flat trajectory. Perfect for taking out groups on infantry and light vehicles.

Likely the first bullpup, this bolt action rifle dates to the Victorian era. It's fairly accurate at long range, but is incompatilbe with stripper clips so it must be single loaded.

Lee-Goldberg Auto:
A massively over complicated conversion of a bolt action rifle to semi auto, the Lee-Goldberg is a decent choice of battle rifle and has many advantages over a bolt gun.

The best version of a rather simple sub machinegun. The 5ten has solid close range potential, but much beyond that, its usefullness fades.

Gera AMP .44:
Before the .50 Eagle, the Gera was the go to for high caliber self-loader pistol. It fires a .44 magnum round and feeds from a 7 round mag.

Madson LAR:
A potential AK style battle rifle for NATO that never saw action. It is a well designed and solidly preforming rifle, but was held back by incompatiblity.

WATR .50:
Granddaddy to the Nifty Fifty, the WATR uses the same .50AP ammo and can easily take out light vehicles and is devistating against infantry.


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