Operation Battleaxe (From Battlefield 1942)
Operation Battleaxe is a small sized, desert themed map where it pits the UK at the south, while the Germans at the north. Filled with rocks, trees, and bunkers, both teams must utilize vehicles, and infantry tactics in order to control the area.
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Baker Town
Baker Town is a small town for an intense battle of two teams for the game Ravenfield. There are a lot of buildings and structures on the map that you can not only hide behind but also make an accurate fire strike. Have a nice game.
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Battle for the Frozen River
A generic snow map! Can be used in many time periods! Fields and trees! Capture Points Spawn: Where the Ravens start! Hill: Featuring Anti-Tank Guns! Trenches: A dug in position with many MGs! The Frozen River: The whole point of the map! Staging
(Anglo-Zulu War) Rorke's Drift
War between great Britain and the Zulu Country. After Lord Carnarvon succeeded in creating a Canadian Federation, it was decided to create a Confederation of several African kingdoms and Boer republics in a similar way. In 1874, sir Henry Frere was
Khe Sanh
Khe Sanh is a medium sized Vietnam themed base map where it pits the USMC at Khe Sanh itself, while the NVA west of it. Filled with dead trees, rocks, barracks, trenches, an airstrip, the USMC must hold off against the assault in order to prevent
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Lost Village (Mac Edition)
Lost Village is a small sized desert themed suburban map where it pits the USMC at an outpost, while the MEC has control of another outpost, with a village in the middle. Filled with beautiful environments, and a village, the USMC, and MEC must
Desert Strike: Re-imagined (Mac Edition)
Desert Strike: Re-imagined is a desert themed, kind of medium sized map where it the USMC at an outpost, while the MEC at another outpost, and four controls points that divide the two. Filled with smooth hills, big rocks, and palm trees, as well as
Ancient Ruins (Mac Edition)
Ancient Ruins is a small sized Vietnam themed island map that pits the USMC near a beachhead, while the VC has control of the northern part of the island. Filled with trees, rocks, and ancient structures, the USMC, and VC must utilize tanks, and
The battle of stalingrad fighted from 1942 to 1943 now for ravenfield made in map editor Features: -action in a war devasted city -ruins, too much ruins -Some vehicles exept cars because the terrain is rugged -the iconic and creepy (not in my map)
High Mountains
In this map you fight in a cold mountain area where many little villages and citys are located Recommend:playlength epic :Bots 100/64 :gamemode point match
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