[CQB] Radiation
This map is just a quick-built map. I started to map the map in the morning (March 12th) and finish at evening so don't expect that this map have many contents. Actually, the map's size is only 40m x 40m (main area). The idea of radiation is just
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Wall-Nut Hills Recreated
This started out as a little side project that ended up taking way too long to finish. Enjoy. RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATIONS 64 or more bots (24 for the optimal Garden Warfare experience!) Slight team balance advantage to the Raven team for better
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Countdown - Arctic Island (Prototype)
This is a prototype for a Countdown map. In Countdown, teams must secure and hold a missile launch site. After five consecutive minutes, a missile is launched at the other team's carrier or main base, rendering it unusable and killing any who
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Kinbasket Rivers
Map made with Unity, This map was created to get use to new Unity Assets, I will update this map with fixes, however don't expect this map to receive much support has it was simply a map purely for getting use to new Unity Assets.
Danzig Post Office Defence | WW2 Collection
Danzig Post Office Defence (Invasion of Poland 1939) 1:1 scale historical map that has fully functional indoor AI with a basement, 4 floors and bots taking cover when shooting from the windows ;) also yes its made in in-game map editor Recommended
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Japanese Castle Defend
In this Map you need Samurai Addons like: Samurai Sword, Long Bows, Japanese Musket and other japanese Sword. Im gonna put a list for all addons. Recommend: For low PC: 200 Bots (Battle) For Stronk PC: 500 Bots (Skirmish: short, Battle: Epic)
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Warhammer 40k: Necrons Sands
This sand planet is one of the places where the Necrons left their mark. The Imperium is well aware of this... And so with the ideas of destroying the Necron tombs, another crusade begins. However, it was at this moment, when the Imperium's base was
Quad Shooting Challenge
A special shooting range where u will sit and shoot on a moving quad. It could be very difficult to keep accuracy on a moving vehicle. The track is quite rough and with lots of curves and jumps. Anyway, just try ur best to hit more targets. Features
Al Basrah
I really love the Al Basrah map made by Stan Lee Died Today in the workshop, and I played that map since I had ravenfield. Bots: Above 80
They didn't say a word to us, they sent us here to kill... FEATURING: Destructible Lighting Custom stealth mechanic Suitable for most mode Fancy Enviroment Easter eggs TIPS: Shoot the light to reduce enemy detection range Crouch walking to avoid
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