Actions occur on an abandoned industrial object. Workshops, offices and other spaces for CQB are present on the map. Recommend to play in the SpecOps mode or in other modes with the number of bots up to 40.
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The Bandayevsky RB-12 is a shotgun of Russian origin. The weapon is a slide-action shotgun and comes with a folding stock. The gun is designed by Aleksandr Bandayevsky, chief designer and president of JSC Uralmashproekt.
KLR 650
A dual-purpose motorcycle, designed for both paved and unpaved roads. Now the model of this motorcycle is available for the game Ravenfield.
T-90M/MS Main Battle Tank
The T-90 is a third-generation Russian main battle tank that entered service in 1993. The tank is a modern variation of the T-72B and incorporates many features found on the T-80U. Originally called the T-72BU, but later renamed to T-90, it is an
[WW2C+PGW] Arisaka Type 38 pack
The Type 38 rifle was a redesign of the Type 30 rifle, which proved unreliable during the Russo-Japanese war. It was simpler, safer, and had a dust cover to avoid dirt getting into the chamber. It proved more reliable, but there were concerns about
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon v2
A remastered version of the previous F-16 mod, now with better cockpit interior, better HUD, weapon dissapearing script, landing gear script, destroyed parts, and etc The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine multirole fighter
Type 89 Grenade Discharger (Remake)
The Type 89 Grenade Discharger (八九式重擲弾筒 Hachikyū-shiki jū-tekidantō), inaccurately and colloquially known as a knee mortar by Allied forces, is a Japanese grenade launcher or light mortar that was widely used in the Pacific Ocean theatre of World
Halo Infinite - VK78 Commando
The VK78 Commando, with a functional ammo counter and some swag animations.
AK74 - Project ExtAs (COMMISSION)
Welcome to the fifth custom installment of Project Extended Arms, a Modding Project dedicated to bringing high quality weapon content to Ravenfield. What is the main difference of Project ExtAs to any other workshop weapon? To start, Project ExtAs
AK74N with Large Mag
The AK74N with large mag, imitate the animation of Grau556 from COD16. The model is form "Escape from Tarkov". Recommand FOV : 110.
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