Urban Warfare: Launchers
Enemy Vehicle? Kaboom! Take a favourite Launcher of your choice, disposable or reloadable and blast the vehicles out of your way! NATO: - Panzerfaust 3R1 - FIM-92 - M3 Carl Gustav - MK153 SMAW - FMG-148 Javelin - XM-25 - AT4 - M320 Insurgents -
Urban Warfare: Sniper Rifles
Long Range? No problem, take a long range rifle and pick targets from afar or even up close with some iron sighted variants. A body shot will surely take care of most enemies! NATO: - M200 - AWM - .300 Knockout - R700 LTR - L1A1 - SCAR-20 - PGM
Urban Warfare: Sub Machine Guns
Go up close and personal to shred your enemies, fast firing, slow firing and hard hitting SMGs a large arsenal providing you everything you need for your SMG engangements NATO: - UMP-45 - MP7 - K10 - MPX - MP5K - MP5 - MP5SD - FMG9 - P90 Insurgents
Urban Warfare: Sidearms
Need some backup go grab your pistol when you're empty because you know, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading! Or incase you wanna breach safely just equip a pistol with a shield and feel invincible! NATO: - CZ75 - HK45 - P226 -
Urban Warfare: Shotguns
Take out the pumpgun and start clearing rooms with ease, a shotgun not fitting your engangement type? Switch ammo types! Ammotype - Buckshot - Dart - Slug - HE Frag - Dragon's Breath NATO: - 870 MCS - M1014 - M26 MASS - KSG Insurgents - SBS-12 -
Urban Warfare: Assault Rifle
Go grab your standart issue rifle and make your way through the front lines, killing people with high firepower! NATO: - M16A3 - M4A1 - Honey Badger - MDR - FN FAL - HK51 - MK18 CQBR - VHS-2 - AUGA3 - F2000 - L85A2 - MK17 - FAMAS - MTAR-21 - G36C -
Urban Warfare: Machine Guns
Take the big gun and provide big fire support with your Machine Guns: MG36 L86 LSW M249 SAW MG3
Painted BDF Traffic Pack
British fighter aircraft of the Second world war. Various modifications were used as a fighter, interceptor, high-altitude fighter, fighter-bomber, and reconnaissance aircraft. A total of 20,351 Spitfires were built, including two-seat training
An automatic carbine created in the United States based on the M16A2 rifle and originally intended for arming the crews of combat vehicles and calculations of weapons and military equipment.
The Bunker
Mod "the Bunker" will add a small CQB map called the Bunker to the game Ravenfield. This version has increased the size and added different rooms.
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