Ravenfield: Victoria Mega Pack
Another mega pack of all my mods set during the Victorian age, at least, mods that are completely set then. For instance, this does not include my Late Qing or Korean skins. Both weapons and skins are included in this full pack of fun. The times
Ravenfield: Napoleonic Mega Pack
This is it, the big pack of all my minor addons so you can have an ultimate experience of Napoleonic warfare, but now all combined into a single pack! This addon includes mainly skins as well as some various weapons and musical instruments, a few
After the events in the night club, a serious battle took place between the blue and red teams, both in the building of the night club and in its surroundings. Features: recommended number of bots: 60+ Works with all game modes: Spec-Ops enabled
Battle for the Bath Featuring TUG
Map "Battle for the Bath Featuring TUG" for the game Ravenfield, where the battle for the bath will take place. Recommended number of bots: 10-16 Recommended game mode: Battle, point match
Vindicator WH40K
Vindicator-a siege tank that carries the most powerful weapon of the Chaos space Marines, the Demolisher Cannon»(Smasher). This model is available in three fractions: UltraMarine Imperial Fist Dark Angel Features: HP: 5000 Crew: 1 Damage: 3000
Club Night
The "Club Night" card for the game Ravenfield. The fight between blue and red will take place in a nightclub and on its outskirts. Recommended number of bots: 60+
Utah Beach
Utah, commonly known as Utah beach, was the code name of one of the five sectors of the allied invasion of German-occupied France during the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944 during world war II. Bots: 60-100
Guam - 1944
Was a battle between units of the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese army and Navy in the Pacific theater of world war II. It took place from July 21 to August 10, 1944 as part of the battle of the Mariana Islands. Recommended Bot Count:
Wake Island
December 1941. Having lost hope of liberation and help, a small group of American Marines tries to hold their positions and prevent the Japanese Navy from seizing their island base. Recommended Bot Count: 40 - 64 (Favor Ravens with the balance
Grim Revolver (2late4Halloween)
Mod "Grim Revolver (2 late 4 Halloween)" will add to the game Ravenfield powerful revolver-Grim Revolver, created specifically for the Halloween holiday. It deals high damage to the enemy: 120 X2.
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