Mirage 2000
Made in the 70's, it was one of the most modern aircraft ! Specs - Maximum speed : 2 340 km/h - Weight : 16 500 kg ( One seater ) Weapons - 2x GIAT DEFA cannon - 5 missiles
Leopard 2A7 (with destructible parts)
The best tank in the world! The Leopard 2A7 equipped with a 120mm L55 cannon to battle other tanks, a mounted MG3, a top mounted RCWS that contains 4x ATGM missiles to fire along with heavy plated armor to absorb constant damage of any type. You can
Su-57 (T-50 PAK-FA)
It will be put in service in 2019, and it's already faster than the F-22 ! Specs - Maximum speed : 2 800 km/h - Weight : 37 000 kg - Unit cost : US$ 50 Million - Status : Final flight testing ( One seater ) Weapons - GSh-30-1 w/ x300 rounds ( in
Gotha G.V Heavy Bomber
Sorry for the super long wait on this everyone - I, as usual, took a rather unnecessarily long break after having completed the Fokker Dreidecker. Though I hope this plane lives up to all of your expectations and makes up for the wasted time. Enjoy!
M109A6 Self-Propelled Artillery
Adds the US M109A6 Artillery into ravenfield. Vehicle has a proper artillery gun, and a powerful, but slow-firing passenger MG. This mod includes a woodland, and desert version.
Mercs & Marines - Colonial Marine Arsenal
Greetenings! This mod contains pulse rifles, grenade launchers attached to pulse rifles, rocket launchers, combat armor, shotguns from the 30s, tanks, and more to come from the future of the 80s! Be warned that I have never animated anything before
M4A1/Grizzly "Skink"
The Canadian SPAA experiment, the Grizzly "Skink"! The Grizzly (M4A1 Sherman) was given a strange turret equiped with British 20mm MGs to deal with planes, although this came late into the war, when the Germans didn't have air superiority anymore.
It flew for the first time in 31 December 1989, so it's the last Soviet jet fighter ! Specs - Maximum speed : 2 120 km/h - Weight : 34 500 kg ( One seater but in real life, it's a two seaters :3 ) Weapons - GSh-30-1 w/ x300 rounds ( in real life,
Yakovlev 3
Soviet ww2 era fighter aircraft. Part of the ww2 project
Early version of the soviet union's T34 medium tank. Part of the ww2 project
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