Osprey Infantry — Vanilla+ Styled Skins
These skins are not directly linked to the original Sofa's mod. They copy the style for better compatibility and their backstory is based on the V+ quasi-lore, but they are not part of the Vanilla+ series.
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Kommando Spezialkräfte/German KSK
The mod "Kommando Spezialkräfte/German KSK" will add to the game Ravenfield the skin of the military of the special purpose military unit as part of the Bundeswehr - the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany.
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US Navy Seals
The mod "US Navy Seals" will add the skin of a US Navy special forces soldier to the Ravenfield game.
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9K111 Fagot (AT-4 Spigot)
Soviet / Russian portable anti-tank missile system with semi-automatic command guidance by wire. It is designed to destroy visually observed stationary and moving targets at speeds up to 60 km/h at ranges up to 2 km, and with a 9M113 missile-up to 4
Bullpup AA-12
Automatic shotgun-a shotgun created by Maxwell Atchisson based on the earlier development of the Atchisson Assault Shotgun.
Vought F4U Corsair
The F4U-4 was based on the -1A Corsair. In order to improve and modernize the Corsair, so it would be able to fight the new Japanese planes in the Pacific, a number of changes were made. One of the major changes was the engine. The Pratt and Whitney
Neinava Rocket launcher (Arash Rocket)
Well, Iranian military is famous for its vast missiles collection, here is a good example, Iranian version of M-21OF known as "Arash" rockets! Features: Crew: one driver and one gunner, 2 in total Strongly recommended to try this at night maps!
Arsenal Overhaul: Vector
The iconic Kriss Vector in Ravenfield. A few weapon categories only have a few weapons, so I'm filling them out a bit. There will be at least one more weapon release, but I can't guarantee more. It's just shotguns and SMGs that I felt were lacking.
Arsenal Overhaul: Spas 12
A new shotgun for ravenfield, the Spas 12. It features all of the Overhaul mechanics and is here to make up for the lack of shotgun variety in vanilla ravenfield. This is the last Overhaul weapon I have prepared for now. I can't say exactly when the
The Siege of Zakar
As i promised, a bigger (and better) version of my previous Zakarian Embassy Siege map. Focused more on urban combat in the street of Zakar. A plenty of enterable buildings and other details that i built from scatch with the in-game map editor, for
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