The greatest 76 eagle remake ever
Mod The greatest 76 eagle remake ever adds the greatest remake for vanilla weapons-shotgun for the game Ravenfield.
Fortress Fallen
60-80 Bots Game mode- Battlepoint and battalion Size- Small/Medium Respawn Time- 30 to 40 seconds Raven Side- Use squad to push into the fortress dont rely on ai. Eagle Side- Use walls to help your team fend off the enemy and eventually push them
[WW2] Chinese NRA
Skins for the Chinese National Revolutionary Army as seen in the Second Sino-Japanese War and WW2, including the more regular, German-equipped Central Army units, and militia units often associated with Red Army elements temporarily allied with the
2 112
TBM Avenger
Following the Battle of Midway, the Avenger assumed the role of the US Navy's primary torpedo bomber. Toward the end of the war, as the need for torpedo bombers in the pacific began to wane, Avengers would assume roles ranging from submarine hunters
NYPD Officer
The modification adds to The game ravenfield skin new York police officer.
Khyber Bolt Action
Mod adds to the game ravenfield powerful weapon Khyber Bolt Action, which has a lot of damage. Weapons made qualitatively with stunning animation and sound work.
Lost Empire 2
In the middle of the desert, there was a large empire next to river. nowdays no one lives and disappeared into histories. it became to a place for gunfight instead... Features 1. Ancient ruins 2. Pyramids 3. Rivers 4, Infantry, Naval, Air battles 5.
Based off of the middle point of cp_powerhouse from Team Fortress 2. Small infantry map suited for both close range combat and medium range sniping. Recommended: - Point Match - 24 Players - 10 Second Respawn
[WW2 Collection] PIAT
At the start of WW2,the British army only had 2 infantry anti tank weapons.Rifle grenades,which were proven not effective against armor,and the Boys AT rifle,which was also proven useless against modern tanks.The British army began working on a new
Amazing Space Battles
This mod improves the graphics of almost every weapon in the game Stellaris: Features: adds many new custom effects; improves the distance between the ships, and behavior in battle; adds new epic custom explosions; adds missing hit and flash
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