Juggernaut Redux
This is a remake of the original Juggernaut Mutator. How it works: This is a wave based mod, kinda like the Haunted gamemode The game selects a set number of juggernauts for the other team, kill all of them to proceed to the next wave Player has 2
This map contain some horror elements. We are trying to make some animated map, so this is our first attempt. Include:CQB and Normal Version. CQB version can work with AI. Recommended BOT:40 In order to have a better gaming experience plz: 1.Try not
The Manliest Fists On The Workshop
This mod allows you to fight your enemies like a man with your bare hands It has two fire modes that you can switch with X: Fast Punches: Takes 4 hits to kill an enemy Hard Punches: Takes only one hit, but it's way slower
ZBL-09 Camouflage Pack
Camouflage mod pack for ZBL-09. Included: CQB IRON SEA DESERT
A family of wheeled armoured fighting vehicles designed and manufactured by the Chinese company China North industries Corporation. It has been in service with the PLA since 2009. The export version of the BBM is offered under the name VN1. Weapon:
[WW2 Collection] Reibel machine gun
A modification of the FM24 (itself based on the BAR),the Reibel LMG,also called MAC mle 1931,was a French vehicle and emplacement machine gun designed originally to be used in the Maginot line in single and double mounts,and also in tanks and other
Walking in a Mask - Generic Hazmat Skin
Mod "Walking in a Mask-Generic Hazmat Skin" will add to the game Ravenfield skins for radiation, chemical and biological protection.
Flooding Water Mutator
Floods the level with water over time! Comes with 3 configurable settings: Water height increment per tick (default 0.0225) Time until flooding starts (seconds) (default 30 seconds) Default water height level increase (use this for maps with a very
The R-88 is a rifle that was created by the eagles in a attempt to make a new battle rifle. Development took well over a year, and by the time it was used in battle, it had been rendered 'obsolete' by the eagle army. Items R-88 (Auto) R-88 (Auto,
Murata Type 22
Continuing along with the series of hopelessly outdated Japanese rifles, I bring you the Meiji 22 Murata and its Carbine variant. The Type 22 series was adopted on the twenty-second year of Meiji's reign, also known as 1889; and while I'm afraid
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