[WW2 Collection] Boys AT rifle pack
Designed to be a portable AT solution for the British army,the Boys AT rife saw a lot of action,mainly in Finland during the Winter War,and in WW2.For the Finns it was a great AT,as it could deal with Soviet T-26s relatively easily.During WW2 it was
A desert vally with multiple fronts. I have published the assets for this village here for free.
[WW2 Collection] Webley Mk IV
The Webley Mk IV series was designed to be a version of the Webley Mk VI chambered in a far easier to use,but still powerful .38 round,as the previous .455 was proven too large for military use.This version in particular is the Mk I,which could be
Dauphin Helicopter
This multi-role helicopter is widely available on the civilian market, and often fills roles ranging from commercial transportation, to law enforcement, to airborne search and rescue. Its inconspicuous silhouette and good performance characteristics
Area 51
20th September, 2019 Groom Lake, Nevada; AKA Area 51. Attackers: 2 million civilians Defenders: Inconsequential Recommended: 70 bots; balance 2:3 in favour of eagle. If you want a less silly experience, try removing the points Naruto Runners and
Camo Pack V2
Hello! Today I bring the Camo Pack V2 with the camouflages of the greatest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! I sincerely apologize for removing the old V2 and V3 package. I removed them because I saw no quality and only quantity in them and I hate it
Armored Car
Not to be confused with the military definition, civilian armored cars are found in service with banks, law enforcement, and security firms. Since they're widely available, often cheaper than military hardware, and don't look out of place on a busy
Operatives Skins
One-size fits all shady characters. Agents of a mysterious, frightfully well-armed terrorist organization with unknown motives? Mercenaries on a ruthless client's payroll? Some country's special forces running black ops? Or maybe something more
Su-25 Frogfoot
Bring communism to the A-10 ! Specs - Maximum speed : 950 km/h - Weight : 19 300 kg ( One seater ) Weapons - GSh-30-2 w/ 1300 bullets - 8 missiles - 12 bombs - 20 rockets
[WW2 Collection] Type 100 smg
The Imperial Japanese army was very late to adopt sub machine guns, in fact, their prototypes and experiments on the Bergmann SIG 1920,which eventually led to the Type 100 as we know (the early version in fact) did not begin real deployment until
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