Stick man
Made in one hour (can be dating four times with the AT Xeno'Jiiva)
Ork: Dakka
Ork: Dakka, an Ork Dakka or Shoota is a kinetic, automatic ballistic weapon used by the Orks that is chosen not for its efficiency but for the amount of noise it makes and the amount of damage it can do. The best Shootas are deafening and deadly in
M052 40MM
Mod adds to the game Ravenfield hand grenade-M052 40MM. Device М052 design resembles a rocket launcher. It is also single-charge and recharged by means of a barrel fracture.
Ristŝipo Mk. I
Big thanks to Sofa from Project Altirus for helping me with this.
Heavy Tank
A much tougher tank than the original one. Details listed below. Main Cannons AMMO: 2 Shells (1 per cannon) RELOAD: 10 sec. DAMAGE: 1200 EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE: 600 Side Turrets AMMO: 50 Rounds RELOAD: 5 sec. DAMAGE: 80 The Tank HP: 4500 SPEED: 5 (the
C&C Renegade Vehicle Pack V1 BETA
This Pack includes All of the Normal Command & Conquer Renegade Vehicles. I used some original content from C&C Renegade such as Models, Textures, and Sounds to create this Vehicle Pack, So Have Fun! ✓:CUSTOM VEHICLES:✓ -GDIHumvee
Red Canyon
Red Canyon map beta It's best to play the Skirmish mode.
Upgraded Helicopter
This is just the original helicopter with some new and upgraded weaponry. I will list the changes below. Changes: Fires 32 fast rockets (16 in both pods) Added four autocannons which fire 8 rounds each (32 in total) Added two extra rotors Vehicle HP
It is the Second edition of SKIN VARIATION PACK. There are 4 types, -PLA Marine, -FBI SWAT, -Woodland A and B.
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resemble gun AN-94
How can i install this
I would love to see a well made mod of the Selbstlader m1916, which fose done
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