Custom Blood Color
With the custom Blood Color mod, you can change the color of the blood of the Ravendield fighters.
[WW2 Collection] M1 Garand ReRemake
A remake of our old M1 Garand (that was by itself a remake).This version includes the M7 grenade launcher,which wasn't in the first remake STATS: -Damage->60 (2 shots to the body) -Loadded ammo->8
[WW2 Collection] M1A1 Carbine remake
The M1A1 Carbine was a paratrooper version of the M1 Carbine,with a side folding wire stock.You've been waiting for this remake for ages,so here you go STATS: -Damage->40 (3 shots to the body) -Loadded ammo->30
Sharqi Peninsula (from Battlefield 2)
Sharqi Peninsula is a medium sized, desert themed urban map that pits the US at the peninsula itself, while the MEC has control of 3 areas, with 6 points on the peninsula. Bots Recommended: 32 - 50
The Push to Berlin
A fictional 2000x2000 WW2 Eastern Front themed map. Assets used: Clouds Toy Unity Pack Flows Photorealism and Stratum texture packs
Alternate: Mutator Buffs
This is a configurable mutator that allows you to choose your health, balance and size for you your enemies and your team mates! What are Mutators? in the beta branch of the game there is now a new sort of moddable thingie, which allows us for
The BTR-80A is a combat wheeled floating vehicle designed to transport motorized rifle units and fire support them on the battlefield, conducting combat from the vehicle. Weapon: 30 mm automatic 2A72, 7.62 mm PKT machine gun. This mod is suitable
Chinese Weapons Pack (WIP)
Mod pack of Chinese weapons for the game Ravenfield. Contains the following weapon models: Type 54 QSZ-92 Type 56 QBZ-95-1 QBZ-03 QBZ-19-1 Type 79 CS/LS06 CS/LR4 HAWK-12 QBS-09 DZJ-08 QLU-11
Soviet 152 mm towed d-20 howitzer gun with manual loading for the game Ravenfield.
The Coding Sword
The Coding Sword is an energy sword that harnesses the true power of Ravenscript code. Originally created by EaglePancake, this blade was used as his primary weapon against Ravenfield pirates.
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