[WW2 Collection] PPSh-41 pack
Mod adds to the game Ravenfield Soviet submachine gun PPSH-41, developed in 1940 by the designer GS Shpagin 7.62×25 mm TT and adopted by the red Army on December 21, 1940. PCA along with PPS-43 was the main submachine gun of the Soviet Armed Forces
Island City
It uses all types of vehicles except for the APC. Each flag has a number of weapons from machine guns to rockets. This Map doesn't base itself on the linear two equal base game but rather by placing certain vehicles in certain flags. as you play the
Mod pack SCAR Pack combat assault rifles special forces SCAR for the game Ravenfield. It is powerful, with exceptional reliability and versatility of a rifle of U.S. special forces.
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Rook's Peak By Maffnwy (FOR HAUNTED MODE)
Mod adds a fascinating map of rook's Peak By Maffnwy (FOR HAUNTED MODE) for the game Ravenfield. In this territory you will fight against ghosts.  To run this version of this map, you need to go and install the previous version from this link:
Battle of Berlin
I present to you the worst ravenfield map ever made (my 1st map too). This was made in the ravenfield map editor The map is heavily based on the war thunder Berlin map. Recommended gamemode is: Skirmish 100 - 200 bots make sure that the soviets
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"Rook's Peak" By Maffnwy (BETA BRANCH)
A natural fort located in the South Pandific Ocean, Rook is positioned at a crucial strategic chokepoint and must be protected against the enemy forces at all costs! Expect resistance from air, sea and heavy artillery! You will be facing the harsh
Heckler & Koch HK433
Multi Scope/Grenade Launcher (Alt+T to switch) Varients -Optic Scope (default) -Optic Scope with Grenade Launcher (GL) -Holo Sights -Holo Sights with with Grenade Launcher -Iron Sights -Iron Sights with Grenade Launcher  -Holo on Scope (Multi-Scope)
BW-49 "Dart"
The BW-49 D is a single engine, one seater fighter jet. It was originally intended to be a trainer, but the Eagles deemed it to be too fast for new pilots. It was converted to a light fighter aircraft, armed with only one MG to its right wing. 
Kenfig Swamps
No story today. Just a little map inspired by the local countryside. Enjoy! Specs/Stats/Fancy numbers: Recommended no. of bots: 50-80 Average loading time: 10 secs Map size: 250 x 250
Panzerjäger Tiger (P)
The German Tank Destroyer, the Ferdinand! Contains: Ferdinand: -One long barrel 88mm Cannon (APCBC and APCR), 6.7s Reload -5000 hp -2 Crew + 3 Passengers Elefant: -One long barrel 88mm Cannon (APCBC and APCR), 6.7s Reload -One 7.92mm MG (Hull
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It says that you made it can.
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all the mods on this site are stolen from other content creators don't download
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I would love also the waffen ss
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