Under the Dog Hybrid Rifle (Railgun Mode)
The alternate mode for the Hybrid Rifle for Medium-Long range combat. Find it on both Marksman Rifles and Equipment Section (takes 2 slots) so you can finally have both AR and Railgun modes equipped As Ravenfield doesn't support different firemodes
Tactical Shotguns
This mod adds a total of 5 shotguns to your inventory, two M1014 semi automatic shotguns, and 3 Remington 870 pump-guns. The M1014 comes in a standard ironsighted model, and tactical model with collapsing stock, EoTech optic, and suppressor. The 870
Baptism of Fire: A Falcon Faction Map
Instead of starting with a story, i'm going to talk about the development of this map, story will be after. To be honest, this has been develpment hell. I did start this with high hopes, and going round the map its kind of clear where i started with
The Hydrator
The Hydrator. A lever action, low cal, AP rifle. Specs: Ammo: 9, 45 extra. Range: A lot. Muzzle velocity: A lot. Damage: A lot. What more could you want?
Main battle tank Years of production: 2001-2003 in service: since 2001 --- base - 3000 hp dynamic armor - 500 hp tracks - 700 hp
Kaupcisto Weapons Pack
This weapons pack contains nine weapons from my fantasy country, Kaupcisto. 3 Primaries -An assault rifle (Animated by JoeThePirate) -An en bloc fed rifle -A SMG (Animated by JoeThePriate) 3 Secondaries -A Pocket pistol -A silensed Pocket Pistol
The Russian Light Amphibious Tank, the PT-76B! Contains: PT-76B: One 76mm (HEATFS, APHE, and APCR) with one 7.62 MG (Coax)
Battle for the Kaupcisto Battleship
"Woooooah, Flaum made a map? WTF." Yes, I did and its my first attempt at one too. What's Kaupcisto? Kaupcisto is a fantasy country of mine in a fantasy worst (A splinter of GoC), which takes place in a 1940's setting.
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Please update!!!
I from Turkey and I love this map :D good job  
Some of the weapons mentioned above aren't on here.
Damn! It's so sad to see a modder saying that he'll stop working on his
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