Senko Skin
This is a nearly version of the mod and I'll continue to update it constantly in these weeks. The model's poly have been lowered to give more of a ravenfield feeling, but this makes weight painting more difficult so I'll try to add some high poly
Desert Strike: Re-imagined
Desert Strike: Re-imagined is a desert themed, kind of medium sized map where it pits two teams onto the opposite sides of the map, and four controls points that divide the two. Filled with smooth hills, big rocks, and palm trees, as well as
AR-15: Improved Weapon Pack 2.0
This weapon pack contains 32 AR-15 variants with improved, sounds muzzles and projectiles, all 32 variants have small differantions in how they handle or extra attributes they carry like laser sight, flash light, bigger magazines, grenade launcher
Yeppers, the Waffen-SS (and SS-VT), now in-game. There's already another mod out there, so take your choice between them, or use them both I guess. Four skins in total with this pack, that's pretty good in my humble opinion. The addon includes four
The Capital (Update)
The Capital has been ripped apart for months now and all diplomatic relations between both sides have fell apart, mass riots are spreading across both island nations and civil unrest has become rampant. Due to a 10 year economic recession and
The juggernaut experience
The Juggernaut Experience is the latest and greatest invention of H01d3r Laboratories. To use the "The Juggernaut Experience" the immersive way, please follow the loadout in the included screenshot above. Second, is to make sure you stand on even
Welcome back to FINANCIAL DISTRICT, but this time it's set up for a battle at night. Hop back into an attack helicopter to get a full view of the city. Don't forget to buy something from the gift shop on your way out! PS the use of night vision
The Empire Strikes Back - Cold War Brits
Mod "the Empire Strikes Back-Cold War Beasts " adds to the game ravenfield skins of British soldiers during the cold war.
Galil Ace 23 pack
Pack of Israeli machine guns using a 5.56×45 mm cartridge -Galil Ace 23 pack for the ravenfield game. Specifications: Rate of fire : 700 Effective range: 500 m Damage: 25 Recharge: custom
WWII Heer Skins
The Heer, the primary fighting portion of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War, now with more feldbluse!
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