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20-08-2018, 13:27

Mod "Mi-28 Havoc Attack Helicopter" version 23.01.18 for Ravenfield (Build 10)

The Mi-28 Havoc is the russian answer if somebody is asking for an Apache, it features an automatic rocket pod with 14 rockets to fire, as a secondary for the pilot you gain access to the "Hunter" missiles which require a lock-on as they'll seek towards the locked target for a guarenteed hit. The gunner gains access to the 20mm HE cannon which holds 30 rounds of high explosive shells able to damage highly armored target and melt down any low armored target within seconds along with the TOW Missile, a laser guided missile which travels in the direction you're pointing at.

Parts of the Havoc are Team-Colored to identify who is flying the helicopter. In total the Helicopter has 1500 health (Original Helicopter has 1000)

Everything in the Helicopter has custom sounds from Battlefield 4 that includes Missile Locking, Firing the weapons, Reloading, Engine, Rotor, Crash, Damage and Destroyed sounds

Model is exported from BF3 however the textures were kept in Ravenfield style to make it look good along the team colors.

Current Bugs: Back Rotor not rotating (I disabled the back rotor rotating because in my first test it wasn't looking good as I planned so it is disabled for now, that'll change soon however.)

Planned Stuff:
- Add Exterior sounds for weapons (Currently all weapon sounds are just from the interior)
- Add detachable tail when exploding
- Give the backrotor another attempt
- Add flares as a weapon for the back seats (They wouldn't do anything, just look cool maybe I make it possible that they block rockets temporarly we'll see what I can do)


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It says that you made it can.
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all the mods on this site are stolen from other content creators don't download
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