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Mod "Sui's Urban Warfare Small Arms Pack" version 12.06.18 for Ravenfield (Build 8)

Bring yourself a new arsenal to urban combat! Everything needed for your small arms firefights, a Famas assault rifle firing at a tremendous 1000 RPM, various types of pistols such as the CZ-75, CZ-75 Auto, G18C, HK45, HK45 Suppressed, M93R, MP412 REX and Five-SeveN. You are noticing enemies are hiding behind cover? Don't worry you can choose a various of throwables and launchers to move your enemies out of cover with the RGO Impact a throwable grenade that explodes on impact with any solid surface, M67 Frag a hand thrown timed fuze grenade that has an increased blast radius and timer compared to the normal frag, the M34 Incendiary a throwable that once detonated via a timed fuze emits a large cloud of fire on the ground damaging anyone inside it. If your enemies are further away from you in cover you can always choose a good oldé grenade launcher like the M320! Coming with different ammo types such as High Explosive, Buckshot and Incendiary to flush your enemies out of cover.

Assets taken from multiple Battlefield games, including the sounds, models, textures and UI stuff.
Animations by da BOI Quality

All Weapons listed:
- Famas
- CZ-75
- CZ-75 Auto
- HK45
- HK45 Suppressor
- M93R
- Five-SeveN
- G18C
- MP412 REX
- M320 HE
- M320 BUCK
- M320 INC
- M67 Frag
- M34 Incendiary
- RGO Impact


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what's the map your use?
Make an update for this one please! The newest version of this vehicle is
make a napoleonic war skin please.
GPD Noobitty
pls update dis mod to build 13 cuz it has new guns and new features
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