Wiirlak Additional Civics
[2.2.* compatible] This mod add a total of 26 civics to the Gestalt Consciousness and Corporate authorities to create more diverses playstyles and a few uniques ways to start. 100% compatible with every thing, no vanilla files harmed. AI can spawn
Free governor policy
No oratory and tyranny cost for changing the governor policies. Without this mod the best strategy is to put a 16 year old teeneger in every governor position so you dont need to override every province just hopefully every 50 year. My tyranny
Rome Total War Music
Replaces the vanilla music with music from Rome Total War. Due to the fact that music modding is literally impossible, I've simply overwritten the vanilla music in the bank files and replaced it with Rome Total War music. I am also in the dark on
Governor Enslavement Policy
Adds a new Governor policy for enslaving your freeman population. Base Social Mobility Policy equalize three strats, but that policy directly downgrade freeman pops. Chance depends from Governor Finess and Charisma stats. Compability: Ironman
No More Mana
A mod that removes the monarch power values from the game, plus some other tweaks. Features - No more monarch power. All costs are now in gold. - Increased base supply limit and reduced attrition. - Increased penalties from negative stability,
SpeedKat's Remastered AI Mod
An initial release of an AI improvement mod I've been working on. This mostly only includes changes to the Defines file as i am still experimenting with the new AI goals system. The AI should play more competitively in a few different ways with the
Easy Dictatorship + Empire
Salut, c'est mon premier mod. Compatible Sulla & Ironman. Testé uniquement avec la langue française. Dictature : réduction du nombre de soutient du party populiste de 80 à 50. Empire : réduction du nombre de cités nécessaire de 600 à 100. Hello,
Gewehr M.95 Pack
The Gewehr M.95, also known as the Mannlicher M.1895, was a bolt action rifle used by the Austro-Hungarian Empire during WW1. With a straight pull bolt, this rifle boasts a blistering 66 RPM (pretty quick for a bolt action), as well as the ability
The Compatriot is a modified version of the patriot, that of which has a extended barrel for more range and velocity, and a scope to assist with accuracy. Stats: Ammo: 30 Bullet Velocity: 1200 m/s Weapon Type: Semi-Automatic, Marksman Damage: 100
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