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6-09-2018, 15:40

Map "Baptism of Fire: A Falcon Faction Map" version 05.09.18 for Ravenfield (Build 10)

Instead of starting with a story, i'm going to talk about the development of this map, story will be after.
To be honest, this has been develpment hell. I did start this with high hopes, and going round the map its kind of clear where i started with enthusiasm and where i began to give up. Yes, some assets i am really happy with (Particularly the railway elements), but in general, i'm not so please with the end project. Normally, as with other Falcon products i would just scrap it and start afresh, but there are 2 reasons why i'm going to leave this map in this wierd state. Firstly, i sunk a fair bit of time in it, and i feel (This is an exception) that it would be better to publish it in its current state, as i don't foresee anything else i can do. Secondly, and most importantly, this will be the last mod i release for the foreseeable future. This doesn't mean the end, as i have taken extended breaks from modding before, but i don't feel i have anything fresh and new to bring to the modding table, nor do i have the effort right now. THE FALCONS WILL RETURN - GUARANTEED. I just don't know when, but if you follow me, you will be alerted of my future mods. Now instead of doing an account, for the story i'll be doing a diary entry. (Oooh, how refreshing).

Naturally, we're getting told the odd bits here and there, we only know half the story. Two weeks ago Weather System Horus hit the coast and spread throughout the Kingdom. Being based up in the Adler Mountains, we, the Adlertaz Battalion, were helping our people to recover, clear roads, sent out supplies from the devastating snowstorms. Until we were asked to move out 2 days ago. Apparently, at the same time we were digging ourselves out of 10 feet of snow, sandstorms had moved all over the Great Desert. And ancient monuments were unearthered. The engineers had already set up a base around these unearthed pyramids by the time we arrived, and evacuated the nearby town of Araz. God alone knows why they are so important, but rumours have it these are the same Pyramids as mentioned in the Legend of King Falk, whom everybody in the Falcon Kingdom knows the story of. One thing is certain. Those barbarian Ravens want to get to the pyramids, and we must stop them. I have no idea how they got so far into our territory, but they are coming. But we are not scared. We are the Adlertaz Battalion, and this is our Baptism of fire. Long Live the King! Long Live the Adlers!

I am extremely unlikely to be updating this map to be honest, unless there are some game-breaking bugs in it.


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