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Mod "German Engineering" version 13.04.19 for Ravenfield (Build 14)

This pack adds 40 weapons from the modern German military and police to your inventory. It also serves as an expansion to the War on Terror pack with all weapons found the in the “coalition” tab. 

The most modern rifle of the German military, the G418 takes inspiration from the Patriot family of rifles and offers much of the same performance. It recoils slightly harder but is easier to control due to a lower rate of fire. Also available in an Infantry model with Comp M4 red dot and vertical foregrip.

This rifle is intended for special forces use and comes kitted out with a number of attachments. It uses a magnified holographic sight, excellent for both close and mid-range combat. Additionally, a suppressor and foregrip provide stealth and control respectively. 

G419 Battle Rifle
A larger cousin for the G418, this rifle fires 7.62 rounds from a 20-round box magazine. As such, it kicks significantly harder, but with increased stopping power and range. Though it is fully automatic, burst fire or single shots are generally more effective. 

G419 DMR
This variant of the G419 is equipped with a suppressor and 6x Elcan Specter, making it a solid mid-range option. It is also viable at closer ranges due to the backup iron sights. 

A dedicated marksman’s rifle, the PSG419 uses a high-powered scope, bipod, and heavy barrel to maximize accuracy. The thermal variant improves night fighting and target acquisition; however, both are almost useless at close range. [NOTE: the thermal does not work properly on Mac]

Though based on the G418 family, the PSG76 is a distinct rifle. It is equipped with a high-power scope, stacked red dot optic, and bipod. With the backup red dot, this rifle can be pressed into close quarters combat, but it is best suited for longer range engagements. 

A modern combat personal defense weapon, the PVW48 fires a small, armor-piercing round at 950 RPM. Even with 40 round magazines, ammo will be depleted quickly. Due to the small round, the PVW48 is very controllable and able to quickly cut down close in targets.

The counterpart to the G418 SEAL, this pdw is equipped with a suppressor and T1 red dot. Its performance is largely the same as its stock variant, but fills the more specialist role.

PVW48 concealed
This variant has the stock collapsed and is equipped with a flush 20 round magazine and holographic sight. It suffers from the loss of some controllability and small magazine size, but its available as a secondary weapon. 

Perhaps the most iconic SMG ever made, the MP29 fires 9mm rounds and is incredibly accurate for an SMG. It is also highly controllable, making it almost like a carbine rather than the traditional spray and pray. At 800 RPM, however, it is still highly effective in CQC.

Equipped with an integral suppressor, and firing at a slightly slower 700 RPM, this SMG is optimized for stealthy, close quarters operations. Due to the extra weight and slower RoF, it also kicks slightly lighter than its unsuppressed counterparts. 

Designed to bring the MP29 into the modern age, this variant is equipped with a vertical foregrip and holographic sight. It offers better recoil control and accuracy verses its original variant and comes in an FDE paint scheme.

This variant of the MP29 is available as a secondary weapon. The stock as been removed and the barrel shortened to make it as concealable as possible. Due to this, and the elevated RoF for 900RPM, it is difficult to control, instead being best suited for close quarters spray and pray. If you want to increase the fire power, they can be dual wielded, but at the cost of almost all accuracy and glacial reloads.

MPK briefcase
Taking the concealed nature of the MPK a step further, this variant is tucked inside of a briefcase. It only has a 20 round magazine to accommodate this, however, you’ll never find a cooler briefcase. Also available as a small gear item. 

Before the G418 family, the G96 was the primary rifle of the German army. It fires the same 5.56 rounds at 750 RPM. It is highly controllable and reloads are average. Additionally, it features an integral optics package including a 3x magnified optic and a red dot. 

The subcarbine variant of the G96, this rifle is incredibly short, but offers the same firepower as its larger progenitor. It lacks the integral optics, instead using iron sights, making it best suited for closer range fighting. 

Intended for special forces use, this rifle comes with a suppressor, holographic sight, angled foregrip, and dual magazines. This allows for rapid reloads if the first magazine is depleted. 

G96 Grenadier
Equipped with the AG40 grenade launcher and holographic optic, this rifle provides the soldier with a viable option against light vehicles. 

Designed to replace the more expensive and complex MP29, the MMP series is generally less accurate, but offers a better variety of calibers. The MMP-45 fires 45 ACP at 600 RPM and is equipped with a wide FoV red dot optic. It has a reduced magazine capacity of 25. 

This variant is chambered for the 9mm parabellum round and fires at 650 RPM and uses iron sights. Like the MP29, it uses 30 round magazines, and overall offers similar performance. 

This tactical model comes with an osprey suppressor and holographic sight. It is chambered in the 40 S&W cartridge and fires at 600 RPM from a 30-round magazine. Like its counterparts, it is best suited for close range combat. 

Before even the G96, the G59 was the mainstay of the German army. It fires the full power 7.62 round from 20 round magazines. It has excellent stopping power, even out to 400m and offers high accuracy. At closer range, it can rapidly dump rounds into targets, cutting them down. 

The most modern variant of the G59, this rifle is equipped with a Comp M4 red dot, suppressor, and collapsing stock. It offers much the same capabilities of the G59, but with the added bonus of stealth.

The ultimate German sniper rifle, the PSG72 is incredibly accurate and offers excellent stopping power. Due to its finely tolerance internals and high-power scope, it can pick targets off well beyond 600m. Hand-loaded 7.62 rounds allow for both precision and maximum effect on target. These features, pioneered by the PSG72 became the standard for modern sniper rilfes. 

A rather unique rifle, less than 200 of this bullpup sniper rifle were made. A crisp trigger, excellent scope, and 300 Win-mag rounds make the PSG3000 a devastating sniper rifle. It only has a 5 round magazine and reloads are slow, so take your shots carefully. It can also be equipped as a large gear item. There’s a reason the PSG3000 is considered the ultimate German sniper rifle. 

GW 40
A standalone AG40 grenade launcher, this weapon can fire a 40mm grenade several hundred meters. The high explosive grenades can destroy light vehicles, take out groups of enemies, and even damage tanks. Due to its compact size, a soldier can carry a number of extra grenades.


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