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Mod "(PA - 2LW) Syrvanian Vehicles - CzL.1 Variants" version 05.06.19 for Ravenfield (Build 15)

As Syrvania's first domestic tank to be produced in significant numbers, the CzL.1 light tank was designed with economy in mind before doctrine. Its diminutive size granted it proportionally decent armor protection, though weight was kept to a minimum for ease of transportation, and to maximize flotation over soft ground. A crew of only two men, each with their own easily-accessed hatches for quick egress, made it relatively expendable. A paltry 27mm gun - though intended to be placeholder - allowed it to fit as much ammunition as possible within its cramped interior, foregoing an automatic cannon to prevent depleting ammunition too quickly. Though its design and obvious shortcomings remain the subject of debate to this day, its main purpose was more as a means of giving Syrvania's fledgling armored force something to work with, and providing experience to Syrvania's Motor Arms industry. Although work had begun on its successor, the CzL.2, before the first CzL.1 prototype was even built, the invasion by Chergaria put its development on hold. What was intended as a stop-gap vehicle saw production in staggering numbers as the Syrvanian military rushed to bolster their ranks, but the vehicle's technical inferiority and poor ergonomics imposed a heavy price. Nevertheless, the vehicle found a unique niche thanks to its compact size and unique mobility, allowing it to operate in locations were armor was not expected and, in turn, not properly prepared for.

The CzL.2 would enter production and succeed the CzL.1 in frontline service by the war's end. By the time of the Second Leersog War, the CzL.2 would supplant it as Syrvania's mainstay light tank, relegating the CzL.1 in its stock form to rearguard, reserve, and policing duties, before being given to the Hettic Republican Army after the war's end. The tank would continue to be built, but would be converted mid-production into a number of other roles, including self-propelled light artillery, flamethrower tanks, and amphibians, among others.

Includes the following, which have now also been added to the main Syrvanian vehicle pack:

Light Tank, CzL.1
Stock CzL.1 tank. Not all that fast, nor well armed, nor well armored. An all-around mediocre tank, but it's still a tank.

Tank Destroyer, DiL.1/52
52mm long gun mounted on a CzL.1 light tank chassis. Good at anti-tank work, and also carries high-explosive rounds for soft targets and infantry.

Landing Tank, LaCz.1
Amphibious variant of the CzL.1, designed for crossing small bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and harbors. Still not much of a match for its counterparts, but it can float and they can't.

Flame Tank. OlCz.1 "Pichklo"
The Pichklo, or Matchbox, is a "self-propelled anti-trench device" variant of the CzL.1 tank. IE, it has a flamethrower.


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