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Mod "(Project Altirus) Syrvanian Vehicles Standalone Pack" version 09.02.19 for Ravenfield (Build 13)

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Syrvania is by no means a major military power, and never really has been. Nevertheless, circumstances have driven this small country to build for war, a venture that has been supported by the nations of the Lusivakian Commonwealth, who have arranged to send machine tooling and raw resources to allow Syrvania to produce indigenous arms of their own. Though many Syrvanian weapons and vehicles are modern or even ahead of their time, relatively poor build quality limited their performance in the early years of the Westenlands Wars.

This is a collection of Syrvanian vehicles and turrets for use in other maps which allow vehicle replacements. Vehicles for future maps will be added as they are finished.

This includes a standalone of the Dzvora class corvette. Since it's fairly large, expect problems spawning it into most maps. But you asked for it so I provided.

Land Vehicles

Tracked Carrier, Civjetsitraktor
General-purpose, lightly-armored tracked vehicle. Originally developed to carry supplies cross-country with mechanized troops, but is generally adapted into an infantry transport role. Includes a machine gun carrier variant, as well as a flamethrower.

Tankette, TkCz.1
A tankette based off the Civjetsitraktor chassis. Its armor protection is dismal, and its main armament consists of a single Stanlaw gun, but it often has the advantage of being the only thing close to a tank in places where tanks aren't supposed to be.

Infantry Tank, CzS.1
Developed and built before Syrvania had experienced armored warfare firsthand, the CzS.1's armor is lacking for a vehicle of its type. Nevertheless, with most of Syrvania's lineup focused on speed for thrusting attacks, it serves decently in an infantry support role.

Light Tank, CzL.2
Built to replace a veritable trash-bin of a predecessor, the CzL.1, the CzL.2 is effective at quickly securing ground, as well as running circles around heavier vehicles.

Medium Tank, CzS.2
Originally planned to be more lightly armored, the CzS.2 was delayed long enough for the designers to learn a few lessons in modern tank combat. As of the time of its deployment, it's fairly advanced conceptually, bearing many traits that would later define popular elements of tank designs.

Motorbike, BN R.22
Motorcycle for couriers, messengers, scouts, and patrols. Not the best for spearheading an attack, but works well for getting around quickly.

Self-Propelled Howitzer, DzH.2
120mm howitzer mounted on the CzS.2 medium tank hull. Can be assigned to turret slots, which is recommended to keep them from bumrushing enemy capture points.


Stanlaw general-purpose machine gun
On a tripod mount, the Stanlaw can come close to filling the role of a heavy machine gun. Though many of its operators would still use dedicated heavy machine guns, the Stanlaw's versatility makes it ideal for countries like Syrvania who can't support production and logistics for a broad variety of equipment.

Anti-Tank Gun, RF 37-I
As one of the first effective means of leveling the playing field against tanks, and remaining one of the most common, there's a lot of these guns laying around. In instances where the Syrvanians forgot to bring their own, or theirs ended up breaking or just not making the cut, these guns - "liberated" from the enemy - can fit the bill just fine.

Anti-Air Gun, RF 32-II
Leading up to Syrvania's invasion, the Hetts payed particular attention to air defense, and purchased a sizeable order of these anti-aircraft guns from Bressia. As such, many of these weapons were captured, and put to use in place of Syrvania's own, often-absent anti aircraft weaponry.

Dual-Purpose Gun, MaK.102-25
In earlier years, Syrvania planned on building up its navy, and in 525, purchased a good number of Aryshtakovi N/K-102 guns to place on its ships. That plan was largely scrapped, leaving a lot of these guns as surplus. While some did end up on the few ships they'd built, most of them saw limited service inland.

Rocket Projector RkP.25 "Durg"
In Goroly folklore, a Durg or "one who laments" was a spirit of a woman who died from suicide or heartbreak after being widowed, said to give off a loud, shrill wail that could stop a living creature's heart. This multiple rocket-launcher earned its name from the distinct wailing sound of its rockets. The sound might not be deadly, but the barrage of eight rockets, while inaccurate and taking a long time to reload, certainly are.


Fighter, MyS.25
A licensed copy of the Torsanese PF-21. Not awfully fast or sturdy, but can turn on a dime.

Light Bomber, SbL.22
Built to be able to outrun intercepting enemy fighters, though technology didn't take long to catch up. That speed is instead put to use by bomber squadrons to quickly react to developing threats on the ground. Also includes three machine gun turrets.

Dive Bomber, SbP.19
Indigenous Syrvanian dive-bomber design, originally based off of a surveillance plane. Includes a single forward-facing machine gun, and a tail gun, in addition to a small bomb load.

Ground Attack Aircraft, SbA.25
Heavily redesigned SbP.19 adapted into a ground-attack role. Carries 20mm cannons capable of penetrating armor, 8 rockets, and a tail gun for defense.

Transport Plane, DoP.22
Syrvanian copy of a well-regarded passenger and cargo liner, adapted to military service. Carries ten passengers.


Corvette, Dzvora class
Probably the closest thing Syrvania had to a proper warship during the early years of the Westenlands wars. Fairly fast, with a skipper-controlled 102mm main gun and crew-controlled machine guns and an anti-aircraft gun. Don't expect it to spawn properly on most maps, but people wanted me to post a standalone so I did.

Inland Support Boat, Z.27
Fairly nimble, armored boat for supporting river crossings and other shallow-water tasks. Armed with a 52mm deck gun, single Stanlaw machine gun, and a "Durg" rocket launcher.

Assault Boat
Humble little boat with an outboard motor, scooped up by the Syrvanians and given an olive drab paintjob. Functionally identical to the vanilla RHIB.


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