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22-06-2019, 09:02

Mod "Peacekeepers Mark2: Weapon Pack" version 13.06.19 for Ravenfield (Build 15)

This pack was inspired by one of my earlier creations as I was not satisfied how my previous Peacekeepers came ill equiped, I now made an entire pack dedicated to my heavy armored peacekeepers.
Peacekeepers are heavy armored guardsman. They are always dressed in white colors to signify the greatness of the federation. unrelenting loyalty and duty above all else is what makes the difference between regular grunts and the heavy armored peacekeepers who form the spear and might of the federation. Armed with EX-12 Toxic Grenades, EX-22 Medpack, EX-32 Combat Knife, EX-42 Combat Handgun and the Lethal EX-52 Sub-Machine-Gun, The peacekeeper is equiped to deal with almost any combat situation.

EX-12 Toxic Grenades:
These Grenades are designed to flush out the enemy or block their retreat. On impact the EX-12 releases, with a small concussioning blast, a devastating neurotoxin which eats away at the victims airways, incapacitatng and even killing him/her in the process.

EX-22 Medpack:
These Medpacks are top of the line First-Aid-Kits. Equiped with combat repair-gel and adrenaline activation shots will help any wounded federation personnel on their feet and combat ready in no time. EX-22 is not only a Medpack but also allows for extra ammo-storage for any kind of ammo, complete with different compartments this is the perfect backpack for supporting the federations front-line.

EX-32 Combat Knife:
Top of the line adamantinium enlaced combat knife, much cheaper then any EX-Melee weapon ever released with just as much lethality, This combat knife is a fan favorite for any federation soldier who finds himself in a tight spot. Enlaced with a small adamantinium coating this combat knife is build to last.

EX-42 Combat Handgun:
A powerful and precise handgun, The EX-42 comes with combat enchanced visor allowing for precise shots over a medium distance. Equiped with 0.9 Rounds The EX-42 shares the same ammo as the more popular EX-52. This use of same ammo type makes the EX-42 combined with the EX-52 a fan favorite for any combatant of the federation who needs to save on ammo space.

EX-52 Sub-Machine-Gun:
The EX-52 is top of the line, as fast as the EX-52 can be manufactored as strong and reliable is the EX-52. It's carbon-adamantinium alloy hull protects all internals from direct impact or dusty environments. It's dual intake allows for a double layered clip which in change allows for a standard ammo capacity of minimum 60 rounds per clip. The EX-52 is as deadly as it is fast and a perfect SMG for short to medium distance, combat situations.


Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod-X
  • Mod author Lordaloa
  • Mod version 13.06.19
  • Test on game version Build 15
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 41.2 mb
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