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Mod "[Project Delum] Thesian Vehicles" version 30.07.19 for Ravenfield (Build 16)

This is a standalone version of the Thesian Vehicles. You do not need anything to use them and they should work in every Ravenfield map-. It will get updated as soon as I add or improve any vehicle.


The AC40 to date stands the most produced armoured car ever made by the Thesian military, and for good reason. It has for the most part been observed performing greatly on the field in blitz operations and field tests, mostly due in part to the incredibly reliable engine it maintains, even with its high achievable speeds. The primary issue of the AC40 however comes with the fact that its armour is relatively 'unremarkable' in comparison to other Thesian models, to say the least. Even with its light protection, the AC40 performs its role of infantry support and fast penetration of enemy lines exemplarily.

Canus MC-20

The Canus MC-20 is a prime example of the malleability of the Canus Utility Truck, in essence acting as a simple mobile AA platform. Armed with an MC-20 dual-barrel anti-air gun, the modified Canus is designed to move at a pace that matches advancing blitz operations to provide easy air defence on the go. While it may not look the nicest, the Canus MC-20 is essential for the survivability of rapidly advancing Thesian armies.

Canus Utility Truck

While the Canus Utility Truck may look unstable, outdated, and cheap, only two of those things are true. Though the vehicle is quite outdated in comparison to many other currently operating Thesian models, and was designed with the intent of being cheap and easy to make, it holds up well in most bearable conditions and excels in long-range movements and malleability, if you can excel in that. The Canus is highly modifiable, many current models operating as infantry transports, utility vehicles, medical transports, and the likes.


The BM-2 is the backbone of the Thesian Armoured Corps, as well as being a pretty piece in and of itself, leaving something to be yearned for some other vehicles amongst the Thesian military. Sturdy and reliable, the model has been proven to holdfast in many field scenarios, and its production has been greatly extended as of recently. The notoriety of the BM-2 has been made known by several chief designers, engineers, and members of command, both Thesian and Virskaian, most notably the famous comment by Colonel Vergiliou Castinius: "The BM-2 has become a sort of urban legend among my men quickly. 'It's pretty, and it functions?' they say, cocky buggers."


The MC.20 dual-barrel anti-air gun is a prided possession of the Thesian military, crafted to fit several needs. The fast rate of fire is noteworthy by the standards of most similar designs of its type and weight, and its average building cost is quite cheap in comparison to its counterparts. The gun is popular amongst the troops of Thesia as well, many of whom refer to it as "The Scourge of the Sky (But on the Ground)".


Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod Admin
  • Mod author Vel
  • Mod version 30.07.19
  • Test on game version Build 16
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 16.4 mb
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