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4-08-2019, 17:33

Map "[Project Delum] Skirmish at Helsin" version 30.07.19 for Ravenfield (Build 16)


- Play with 65 / 70 bots

- Give a bit of advantage to the blues

- Set the respawn time to 8-10

- Use our weapons pack, balanced for this map. (It's the one set as a requirement, you don't really "need" it, but it's great for balance and super cool)

Years upon years of dispute over the province of Silania drove officials of the states of Thesia and Virskaia to madness alike in how to solve the matter peacefully when neither nation was willing to accept terms. Made up of a majority ethnic Thesian population but held under the sovereign control of Virskaia, Silania was a jewel in the eye of Thesia, and one that they saw as rightfully theirs. Tensions throughout the years had boiled and simmered into conflict when Thesian troops marched beyond the borders of Virskaia in undeclared total war. Caught off-guard, many Virskaian border garrisons stood no chance.

Total mayhem has broken out in the quiet countryside of Virskaia. Thesian battalions of the 19th Armoured Division now steam across the once-peaceful plains near the farms of Sir Izaak Helsin to face a minuscule infantry-exclusive Virskaian garrison compiled from surrounding towns and villages. The roars of engines overwhelm all other sounds on the field as the Thesian tanks line up in anticipation, a grim sign of the combat to come. The outcome of the coming fight holds the fate of southern Silania in its hands, and will show just how effective the lightning tactics employed by the Thesians truly are.

Welcome! I am Vel, and I have returned from my decrepit grave to bring you Project Delum, a fictional modding project with custom made lore and a tech similar to the one in the early 40s. This map is not the best for an introduction, to some it might be too chaotic but it certainly gives off that "last stand" feeling. I had another intention for the map, but it has been in development hell for a month and I really couldn't bother to remake it. I assure you that the next map will be way more impressive and fun, you won't be disappointed.

There has been a sudden game breaking bug if you change some parameters, we think that it's Ravenfield's fault but we will try to overcome it tomorrow, the map is perfectly playable in it's current state if you follow my suggestions


- A fairly small, open, vehicle vs trench map

- Includes a good bunch of ground vehicles, turrets and a plane. (The standalone pack will come tomorrow)

- Character models


Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod Admin
  • Mod author Vel
  • Mod version 30.07.19
  • Test on game version Build 16
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 54.6 mb
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