The Dam
Eagle and Raven are fighting over control of an Island that has a new type of powerplant dam, an airfield and military bases. This map is a work in progress, I need to add vehicles, fix some small placement issues but most of all add more detail to
Siege of Ravenhai
Detailed city map inspired from Battlefield 4`s Siege of Shanghai map. Tell me if the map has any bugs, or if you would like me to add anything. Took about 20 hours to make using only the in game map editor. Best played in pointmatch whit about
North wind
A map based of norway. Press F to get on and off ladders.
Ravaged decades ago by a terrible tsunami, Palm Island (named so due to it's sihlouette from the sky) is home to Palm City. Once a bustling metropolis paradise, all that remains now are the rutted, crumbling husks of it's once gleaming skyscrapers,
It's a village, originally from CS, however, I've chopped and changed it up quite a bit to suit Ravenfields needs, so it's now compatible bots and they function correctly on what I've tested, please let me know how you go. Intended to play only on
The Bridge
In a universe wher WW2 never happend tecnological devellopment grindet to a halt. The year is 2020 and the "massive bridge" needs some repairs. As tentions are rising evryone wants to secure key locations to prepare for the war. Press F to get on
Battle for the Reichstag
So this is just a revamp of my Battle of Berlin map. Recommended: Point match or skirmish 100-150 bots make sure the Germans are outnumbered
The Kraken
An amazing map for Ravenfield, where in addition to the war of the two warring nations, there is ... Kraken!
Cursed Mountains
After recent strange events in these supposed "Cursed Mountains", the Ravens have decided to set up a military base near the "Anomalous Woods". With Halloween coming up, the residents have decided to decorate the place with pumpkins, further adding
Solomon's Boneyard
Solomon's Boneyard is a halloween themed map, it features a fully hand designed boneyard and several ways to approach this conflict. The map is a 2 part map with a total different color, feel and lay-out for night play. This map was based on an
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