Project Vietnam - Swamp Ambush
A King-of-the-Hill map based on the jungle combat that occurred across Vietnam. Do you like being bum-rushed? Do you like BEING the bum-rusher? This map is for you! RECOMMENDED BOTS - 32 to 64 bots recommended. More if you're not a very discreet
Bots Recommended: 50 - 60 You know, I am starting to feel like this whole 3S-JW stuff isn’t really the best thing that I should do. Yeah, it’s hypothetical, and all, but I don’t really care for that anymore. I had cancelled making this whole thing a
IMPORTANT: There is a bug on the elevators. Sometimes you fall trough the floor. To avoid this, you need to spamm your space bar while the elevator is moving. Press F to get on and off ladders. I reccomend playing the map with 70-100 bots (unless
Cliff Fort 2
Thank you for all the support and criticism on the first version. Here is the longly deserved update to the map. It extends the playing field and fixes alle the bugs the previous one had. This map cannot be played in the SKIRMISH mode and I
Chaotic close quarters combat on a frighteningly tall construction site! This map was modeled and put together in a couple of hours, so I didn't really take myself seriously when making it. Turns out it can be a crap ton of fun if you crank up the
Panama Beach (Reason 2 Die: Awakening)
A Ravenfield adaptation/recreation of a map called "Panama Beach" from the zombie-survival game ROBLOX game "Reason 2 Die: Awakening". ----- ISSUES: AI will refuse to use APCs. No idea why. Thick grass will obscure your vision, lulz. ----- ASSETS
(PA - EotS) Clash at Isla Lyssene
I was not able to completely finish this map, nor was I able to make EoTS weapons, but I'm fairly satisfied with this map nonetheless, so I don't consider it "scrapped". In this map, both teams have offshore spawns from which they can launch landing
Project Vietnam - Hill 937
Moving on, I've become an official map developer for Project Vietnam! Expect new maps to come soon, such as Long Tan, Khe Sanh and Rolling Thunder (NOT IN ORDER). If I'll be perfectly honest, I did not like how the final product turned out - it was
Welcome to North Georgia Christian Camp! This map is a recreation of a real life campground in Clarkesville, GA. I've attended this camp the past couple of years, and it has changed my life, so this project means a lot to me. I poured my heart out
there are many destructible objects on the map. almost every building has destructible walls! and of course the main feature of this map... CUTSCENES or INTROS ! almost half the time was spent on them. (though perhaps I should have spend it on
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roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
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