Moon base
We found a secret base on the far side of the moon. help us clear it. Tipp: You have to select a spawn point in order to deploy. Press F to get on and off ladders. Use the Map to navigate in the tubes.
A desert vally with multiple fronts. I have published the assets for this village here for free.
Area 51
20th September, 2019 Groom Lake, Nevada; AKA Area 51. Attackers: 2 million civilians Defenders: Inconsequential Recommended: 70 bots; balance 2:3 in favour of eagle. If you want a less silly experience, try removing the points Naruto Runners and
A map set deep inside the forests of the American Northwest. Heavily inspired by one of my favourite games, Alan Wake. Please note that this map is reasonably performance friendly despite all the trees (40-50fps with 50 bots and highest video
[SPEC-OPS] M60 Patton
This mod was made mostly by Southern_Wolf, just published by me due to some problems Southern was having with the mod. Contains: M60 Patton: -One 105mm Cannon (HEATFS and APDS) 5s Reload -One 7.62mm MG (Coax) 6s Reload -One 12.7mm MG (Roof Mount) 7s
Condo Runaround CQB
Breach, Clear, and Capture in this highly affordable piece of inner-city real estate! ----Read Down for an important addendum---- Not content with only acquiring lucrative military contracts, the Ravens have decided to forge ahead in a different
Ravencraft: Blood upon the hills [Minecraft]
A Minecraft map with plenty to see and no where to hide. Features: MINECRAFT (Yes, you have to jump up every block) Functioning stairs! Dynamic clouds Q: Will this run on a potato? A: I honestly have no idea, I have a med-high end computer and have
COD: Firing Range
Based off of original Black ops map, tried to model the map closest to the original. Textures on some building arent fully loaded because of a export issue in my modeling software. Recommended amount of Bots: 18 - 28
[Project Delum] Skirmish at Helsin
Suggestions: - Play with 65 / 70 bots - Give a bit of advantage to the blues - Set the respawn time to 8-10 - Use our weapons pack, balanced for this map. (It's the one set as a requirement, you don't really "need" it, but it's great for balance and
(PA - EotS) Rothlan's Lagoon (Naval combat)
Excellent map rothlan's Lagoon (Sea battle) for the game Ravenfield. It consists of small Islands and sandbanks forming a natural Harbor around the Central Atoll. The goal is for any team to try to move their ships into the lagoon to capture the
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