Hot Island
A huge beautiful map is perfect for epic battles. There is everything for fun here. A huge number of colorful places where you can deploy epic infantry battles. Open glades for large-scale tank battles. And a large number of hills with a bridge
Ilantro Estuary
While not an originally decisive position, the Ilantro river's estuary became a key point for the Virskaian offensive of 934. If taken, it would allow access into Thesian valuable locations and industrial centers, crippling its army and economy
[Project RF2] 2Fort
I became a dev (specifically a map dev) for a new project created by Tacticalloon, Raven Fortress 2, a Team Fortress 2 centric project. Hope y'all enjoy this first map in this project, and expect more in the future!
Hidden among the clouds in a towering mountain range, a crucial Raven military base has come under attack by an Eagle infiltration team. The attack came as a complete surprise and many of the isolated outposts are at risk. Now the elite Eagle
(WW2) El Alamein
The battle of El Alamein (El Alamein operation) was a battle of the North African campaign of world war II, during which British forces under the command of General Bernard Montgomery defeated the North African Italian — German group of field
Bunker Hill
The "Bunker Hill" map for the game Ravenfield. The first major battle between British and American forces, which took place on the heights of bunker hill and Brides hill North of the city of Boston on June 17, 1775 during the American war of
Desert Coast
Attacking carrier strike forces launch in support of an armored advance toward a small town, while the defenders counterattack with their own armored forces, supported by air assets from a nearby airbase. Barren terrain and long sight-lines allow
(3S-JW) Burikata: Re-Imagined
Burikata: Re-Imagined is a medium sized Japan themed map where it pits the US at the east, while China at the west, with 5 control points in the middle.
Low Poly Snow Basin
Coming back from my map making hiatus to bring you something I've been working on for quite a while! This is my 2nd entry into my series of aesthetically pleasing Low Poly maps. Best bring out your long range weapon of choice, and get ready to pick
(3S-JW) Shoreline: Re-Imagined
Shoreline is a kind of medium sized, Japan themed suburban map where it pits Japan at the mainland, while China has control of an aircraft carrier, with 3 control points in the middle.
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