Medieval Skin Pack
This pack has some classic warriors, ready to serve their nation! Contains: The Barbarians, men that contain a endless pool of rage in battle to unleash upon their enemies. They've always been supressed by the knights, but no more! They shall rise
Su-57 (T-50 PAK-FA)
It will be put in service in 2019, and it's already faster than the F-22 ! Specs - Maximum speed : 2 800 km/h - Weight : 37 000 kg - Unit cost : US$ 50 Million - Status : Final flight testing ( One seater ) Weapons - GSh-30-1 w/ x300 rounds ( in
The Silence
The Silence, The Silence is ominous and sinister organization which has been operating in the shadows for decades. The recent strife between Raven and Eagle has forced The Silence to come out of the shadows. Armed with the most recent the industry
Gotha G.V Heavy Bomber
Sorry for the super long wait on this everyone - I, as usual, took a rather unnecessarily long break after having completed the Fokker Dreidecker. Though I hope this plane lives up to all of your expectations and makes up for the wasted time. Enjoy!
M109A6 Self-Propelled Artillery
Adds the US M109A6 Artillery into ravenfield. Vehicle has a proper artillery gun, and a powerful, but slow-firing passenger MG. This mod includes a woodland, and desert version.
Island Assault
Wage war on a massive island and see who can take it over! Choose between air, land and sea vehicles and take over all 8 key positions to destroy the enemy! Best played with 80+ bots, or 150+ for massive, chaotic battles! *THIS MAP IS A WORK IN
Mercs & Marines - Colonial Marine Arsenal
Greetenings! This mod contains pulse rifles, grenade launchers attached to pulse rifles, rocket launchers, combat armor, shotguns from the 30s, tanks, and more to come from the future of the 80s! Be warned that I have never animated anything before
AirStrike [MIG-29][Spec-Ops]
Point target with laptop, then MIG-29 will destroy target with 2 cluster bombs Weapon place: Gears > Spec Ops > [MIG-29 AirStrike] Gears > Equipment > [MIG-29 AirStrike] Secondery > Spec Ops > [MIG-29 AirStrike]
Hunting Rifle
Still a WIP. A hunting rifle I made in ~a day, based off a Steyr Mannlicher SM 12.
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