[Project WW3] M762 FB Beryl
The brand new Project WW3 IS a ravenfield project about a war starting between the allies, the socialist alliance and the islamic alliance. Who will prevail? Basic Lore of the project: so Russia invades Luhansk’s, Donetsk’s, Crimea and smaller
Kerberos Panzer Cop
Based on the armor seen in the Kerberos saga, or more prominently the film Jin-roh, this was a little something I wanted to throw together today. Contains playermodel, kick-model, and hands. Who needs the Helghast when you can have the source
Post-War UNSC Marine
Someone really wanted this guy made, so I took a crack at it.
Project WW1 Master Vehicle Pack
This pack contains all original and new vehicles from Project WW1. To keep confusion of older vehicles we decided to keep everything in one pack. Vehicles: Mark V Rolls Royce Sopwith Sopwith Bomber Vickers MG QF AA QF AA Mk 2 Renault A7V Whippet
Vanilla+ Weapons pack
A work in progress, I hope. Features: custom UI icons, annoying [VANILLA+] tags in the weapon menu, no custom animations (almost never needed, also shush), occasional non-default sounds. Planned additions: -Pistols -Anti-Tank weapons -Maybe more
[Fallout Project] Nuclear Missile & Orbital Strike
Nuclear Missile silo & Orbital Strike radio tower, simple & easy, find Beacon/Silo Launch Nuke and Fire! Note:mod was as an experiment. worked and make into proper mod. Nuke Silo -Fires from ground -No blast radius indicator Enclave Orbital
Mirage 2000
Made in the 70's, it was one of the most modern aircraft ! Specs - Maximum speed : 2 340 km/h - Weight : 16 500 kg ( One seater ) Weapons - 2x GIAT DEFA cannon - 5 missiles
Leopard 2A7 (with destructible parts)
The best tank in the world! The Leopard 2A7 equipped with a 120mm L55 cannon to battle other tanks, a mounted MG3, a top mounted RCWS that contains 4x ATGM missiles to fire along with heavy plated armor to absorb constant damage of any type. You can
Horizon Defense Forces Weapon Pack
After some wait, I'm finally back. Thanks to the efforts of mine and mellamomellamo, this weapon pack delivers you 13 brand new weapons of the Horizon defense forces! UPDATE 1.2: Content: Added AR-34 Unsurpressed, RAS-12 has increased spread, made
For my return to the Ravenfield community, I introduce to you the PARA-308, a 7.62x51mm NATO assault rifle. Equipped with a red dot sight, this weapon can be extremely effective in close to mid range combat, but must be used carefully at longer
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