Type3 Midnight V2
The Midnight was not named for its role or colour, but its ferocity. Being incredibly nimble, combat capable, and powerful, it was a formidable foe. Alas, it required too many materials, and only 10 were produced. At the start, only 5 existed. After
ZL-80 Convoy
The ZL-80 was vital in the discovery, capture, and retreat of subsector tech. Without it, the HIVE would have gotten to the tech, and destroyed it, stunting humanity's ability to fight back. The truck itself was designed and produce in 317, and has
AUH-60 Armed Blackhawk
To use the hellfire, you must board a co-pilot first. co-pilot will control laser desgnator to illuminate the target. If he says "Target acquired!" and both the cross and square on IHADSS are overlapped, Launch the hellfire. After launching you can
Mission Enhanced Little Bird (A/MH-6M)
Mission enhanced little bird, or just A/MH-6M is a modernized version of previous Little birds featuring more advanced equipments. Features : - Stealth : Thanks to its very small body and small rotor sound, This helicopter has very small spot chance
In comparison to other tanks of the era, the Char B1 was quite heavily armed, packing a 75mm Howitzer intended for use against fortresses and bunkers. The tank was designed as a breakthrough tank, although it could never shine in this particular
Type 10 MBT
Japanese next-generation main battle tank. The prototype of the tank was first shown in 2008. The design focused on the C4I's improved command and control capabilities, mobility, and robust all-terrain protection. Features: 2 seats 1 Driver's seat
X18 Tank Boat Antasena
The X18 Tank Boat is an innovative, fast, stealthy, and highly maneuverable catamaran design that provides a stable weapons platform for close-in and long range direct fire support in normally inaccessible coastal and riverine Environments. Fitted
Mod "IRIAF F-16" will add to the game a multifunctional light fighter of the fourth generation.
UH-60 Blackhawk
The Black Hawk is the Armys front-line utility helicopter used for air assault, air cavalry, and aeromedical evacuation units. It is designed to carry 11 combat-loaded, air assault troops, and it is capable of moving a 105-millimeter howitzer and 30
SA-9 Gaskin (9K31 Strela-1)
The 9K31 Strela-1 (Russian: 9К31 «Стрела-1»; English: arrow) is a highly mobile, short-range, low altitude infra-red guided surface-to-air missile system. Originally developed by the Soviet Union under the GRAU designation 9K31, it is commonly known
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