Junkers Ju-87 Series
The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, "dive bomber") was a German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. The aircraft was easily recognisable by its inverted gull wings and fixed spatted undercarriage. Upon the leading edges of its
Ilyushin IL-2 Shturmovik
Well this is my last day in quarantine so to celebrate this day i present the IL-2! Enjoy as always Arment: 4 Machineguns (Left/Right Wing, Nose and Backgunner) 2 Cannons 6 Rockets 2 Bombs
FV103 Spartan
Troop carrier variant of the Scorpion CVRT. Armed with a machine gun and carries four dismounts, also features slightly increased protection. Available in OD, woodland camo, and desert variants.
Commission - Realistic WW2 Project (PS) Logistics Pack
The "Commission - Realistic WW2 Project (P S) Logistics Pack" mod includes the following world war II items: A wall of sandbags Hopper for sand bags The German Sgrw 34 mortar
Italian version of the HE111 comes with : desert,forest and winter versions.
Fiat G.55 Centauro
The Fiat G.55 Centauro as a single-engine single-seat World War II fighter aircraft used by the Regia Aeronautica and the A.N.R. (Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana) in 1943–1945. It was designed and built in Turin by Fiat. The Fiat G.55 was
Leopard 2a4 Revolution+ Woodland & Snow Versions
Leopard 2A4 Revolution battle tank with forest and snow camouflage.
C1 Ariete PSO
C1 Ariete PSO for Ravenfield. Driver DM-12 (HEAT) DM-33 (APFSDS) MG3 (COAX) Hitrole RCWS MG3 (250 bullets) Loader Turret MG3 (150 bullets) Commanders periscope 360 view
Leopard 2a4 Revolution+ Desert Version
The MBT Revolution - is a modular upgrade package to the Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks. It was developed by Rheinmetall. This MBT was first revealed in 2010 Armament: Driver: 120MM Cannon "RH-120 L44" with 3 types of shells - DM53 APSFDS, DM12
MIG-21 Vietnam
Let's cause some problem for US air force! This small and light aircraft forced US air force to arm F-4 Phantoms with internal cannons (yeah they did not have that when they first entered the war) not only that...problems that F-4s had against
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