Chengdu J-7
The Chengdu J-7 is a People's Republic of China fighter aircraft. It is a license-built version of the Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21, and thus shares many similarities between the two types.
Jet Ski is a brand of personal watercraft (PWC) produced by the Japanese company Kawasaki . The term is often used generically to refer to any type of jet ski used primarily for recreation. Now the model of this jet ski is available in the game
Leopard 2a4 Revolution+ [Commission]
The MBT Revolution - is a modular upgrade package to the Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks. It was developed by Rheinmetall. This MBT was first revealed in 2010 Armament: Driver: 120MM Cannon "RH-120 L44" with 3 types of shells - DM53 APSFDS, DM12
A small vessel that has a strong and rigid hull and an inflatable balloon located along the perimeter of the upper part of the freeboard. The rigid-hull inflatable boat is a further improvement on the conventional inflatable boat.
(COMMISSION) Battleship Tennessee
Battleship Tennessee-a type of battleship of the US Navy, a further development of the battleships of the "new Mexico" type, had better anti-torpedo protection compared to the prototype and the maximum elevation angle of the main caliber guns
Soviet four-engine long-range heavy bomber of the Second world war.
Vindicator WH40K
Vindicator-a siege tank that carries the most powerful weapon of the Chaos space Marines, the Demolisher Cannon»(Smasher). This model is available in three fractions: UltraMarine Imperial Fist Dark Angel Features: HP: 5000 Crew: 1 Damage: 3000
Mechanized Infantry Pack
This is a skin and Vehichle mod mod created by Supa, Vel, LeMieux, and Lithuanian dude in a comission. Right now it contains the Jagdpazer. We also have a German soldier here from 9th ss panzer mechanized infantry. Keep you eyes out for a tanker
Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer
HP: 50000 4 Seats: 1 Seat: Driver BGM-109 1 Seat: MK-45 2 Seat: MK-15 PHALANX
Cromwell B
The Cromwell is the fastest tracked tank, along with the M5 Stuart, in Post Scriptum reaching up to 65 km/h on flat roads. It's not as agile due to its narrow tracks so it doesn't turn as sharply as other tanks. It has a low profile which makes it
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