Delta's Dogfight Doubles: Albatross D.Va VS Bristol F.2b
Two iconic aircraft of the First World War. The Albatross and the Bristol Fighter. Now brought to you in Ravenfield! I decided about 5 days ago it would be a good idea to get a mod up to commemorate 100 years of the Armistice of 1918 - and i managed
The Type 95 was a Japanese scout car was used during the war with China and World War II in the East. Between 1936 and 1944 approximately 4,700 were built. Seat:2 (BF1942 Style!) Without weapon
(Project Altirus) Medium Tanks of the Second Leersog War
Mathis Mk I Manufacturer: Chergaria; Inhaegan Foundry Weight: 27 tons Armament: 57mm PK-22, 2x Lewin guns (1 coaxial, 1 in bow turret) Max Armor: 40mm Crew: 5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, Bow Machine-Gunner) While the early half of the
The Messerschmitt Me 262 "Schwalbe" was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. It was an super weapon. but too late to save the fatherland. It's comes back in Ravenfield now.
A plane loved by some for its powerful armament, and hated by the rest for the detriments that arose due to the weight (and other factors) of said armament, the SPAD XII (12) was a French, single-seat biplane introduced in 1917, developed by Société
MV-22 Osprey
The most impressive military aircraft in the world ! Weapons - 1x Missile launcher - 1x Minigun Specs - Top Speed : 566 km/h - Capacity : 27 passengers ( + armament weight ) A plane version will come later and will be included in this mod.
VAZ 2106
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE... VAZ 2106 has 2 versions: Default (quad / jeep / jeep machine gun) OSVYaShchENNAYa (tank) OSVYaShchENNAYa: 500000 health, unkillable, submarines mode, and 30 minutes of the best songs from GTA Vice City Ментовский Беспредел.
The Russian Modern Pack [Part 1]
This pack contain 4 vehicles - BTR-88, T-90MS, GAZ-2975 Tiger and GAZ-2975 with 2 "Kornet-M" systems BTR-88 (BTR-82A) - fast and powerful vehicle, can transport 10 peoples, has smoke grenades - Has 30mm, 7.62mm guns and repair tool T-90MS (T-90AM) -
MG Combat Buggy (WIP)
I was inspired by a guy who trained me how to make a vehicle without effort be sure to sub to him The MG is bugged a little bit i will fix that soon
The Horizon Defense Forces Pack
Nec Pluribus Impar! UPDATE 2! Changed the Lock-on messages of the Bandit (alrigth prepare, next update is gonna be a big one!) (pro tip if you are using the hydra, first of the main gun has 20 seconds charge time so HOLD the fire button. Then, in
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